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Individuals and Teams Use Goals.com to Set, Track and Achieve Their Goals
Goals.com caters to all types of goals, big or small, individual or team.
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  • 5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

    With the fast-paced nature of our society today, it can be incredibly difficult for us to take a moment and give more conscious thought into what is going on around us. We get consumed in our own ambition and ache for self-gratification that it can sometim...
  • It's A New Year: What's Your Excuse?

    Do your excuses prevent you from accomplishing your goals? Is that barrier a giant wall preventing you from being successful? The wall might be in your way only in your mind. In other words, if you believe the wall is preventing you from being successful, ...


Empower yourself.

Empower others.

Whether you’re trying to achieve personal goals, light a spark with your students or motivate your team, Goals.com provides all the tools and support you need to stay inspired, on track and successful.

Goals.com at a glance.

  • Action Plan

    Each goal has its own action plan, which is broken down into milestones and mini-steps.
  • Daily Email

    Receive a daily reminder of all your goals and the milestones you should be focusing on, plus informative articles directly related to your goals.
  • Real-Time Progress

    As you complete tasks, a momentum graph factors in the deadlines and challenge levels you set for each milestone, reflecting your progress in real time.
  • Team Messaging

    Our messaging system automatically syncs with your email, allowing team members to communicate on the go without having to login.
  • Saved Articles

    With a simple push of a button, store articles that you find useful or inspiring all in one place, then go back to them for later reading.
  • Vision Board

    Visualizing the things you want to achieve by creating a collection of photos can be a powerful way to stay inspired.
  • Community

    Connect with other Goals.com members. Share inspiring updates. Follow your favorite authors. Give and receive encouragement.
  • Endless Articles

    Stay motived and educated by exploring throughthousands of articles. Fresh new stories are getting added to Goals.com each day.
  • Self-examination

    Thought provoking questions that challenge you to think deeper about who you are, where you want to go and more importantly, who you need to become.
  • Habit Tracker

    Set and track daily behaviors that you want to form as a habit.
  • Journal

    Use your personal journal to record your plans and ideas; reflect on your thoughts and insights along your journey.
  • Publish Content

    Inspire others and build your personal brand by contributing articles to the Goals.com community.
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