11 Group Costume Ideas for This Weekend’s Festivities

Halloween is one of the most loved holidays of the year. Trick-or-treater’s go around and collect candy, people have bonfires at their homes, and venues around the city play host to ghoulish decorations and live music. No matter how old you are or where you live, there is something for everyone on Halloween night!

Halloween is also a great time for families to spend some quality time thinking up group-themed costumes. If you’re going to be taking your kids trick-or-treating, or if you and your siblings are going to go out for the night, having a group costume in mind is a great way to build some fun family memories.

Here are 11 ideas for group costumes you and your family should consider this Halloween season.

1. The Avengers

With all the comic hype going on in movie theaters these days, you can never go wrong with an Avengers themed set of costumes. The Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye are most likely the easiest to assemble, especially if mom or sis’ dies their hair red. Captain America and Iron Man, however, might require a few items from the costume depot.

2. The Beatles

The Beatles make a great group costume because it is 1) so simple, and 2) easily recognizable. All you need are four black or dark colored suits and ties (you can find extra cheap suit items at the local thrift store) and maybe some play instruments to carry around with you! You can also grow your hair out a little or get some wigs to achieve the infamous “Mop-top” look.

3. Zombie Apocalypse

Halloween is the perfect time for a group zombie theme. AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead has, perhaps unintentionally, set the bar for zombie costumes and make-up these days, but that can make the family experience even better. Pick out some older looking clothes together; buy some Halloween make-up kits, and think of ways to make each other look as dead as possible. It should be a blast and a great bonding experience.

4. Horror Movie Characters

Getting the family to go Abbott and Costello with you is another great idea for a family costume theme. Any of Universal Studios’ classic monster movies will do for a great group theme, from Frankenstein and the Mummy, to Dracula and the Werewolf. Of course, you can also choose to go with more up-to-date movie maniacs like Michael Myers, Freddie Kruger, Jason Voorhees, or Leatherface. The choice is up to you!

5. Super Smash Bros.

This one is great for families that love video game characters. Super Smash Bros. was a huge hit when Nintendo 64 came out, allowing players to battle each other as characters from the Nintendo gaming world. Everyone in the family can go as Mario, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Link, Yoshi, Starfox, Zelda, Sonic, or any of the other characters and still achieve immediate recognition from fellow trick-or-treaters. 

6. Star Wars

Director J.J. Abrams’ new installment in the Star Wars film series is due out later this year, so a Star Wars-themed set of costumes is a perfect idea for this Halloween season. The costumes are fairly simple to make too. Luke and Leia both wear all white clothing, Obi-Wan Kenobi wears a brown robe, and Han Solo wears a vest and black pants with a gold stripe down the outer sides of the leggings. Darth Vader might require you to go and grab a mask, and the robots might be a little trickier to pull-off, but for the most part this is a really great group idea that’s very easy to make or assemble at low cost.

7. X-Men

Another great group comic-theme is the X-Men. You can go either yellow-spandex comic-book style or Bryan Singer modern action-film style, but either way the X-Men make a great group costume idea. This idea might require a little more from the props department, but if you can pull it off it would definitely earn you some nods.

8. The Lord of the Rings

A family of four can easily pull-off the Hobbits from JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. All you really need are some robes/cloaks and maybe some sandals to wear (I wouldn’t recommend walking around barefoot, especially in the cold), plus some small toy swords to carry around. Any of the Fellowship characters will make a good group theme though, so feel free to have grandpa go as Gandalf and Uncle Johnny tag along as Aragorn and you’ll have a great theme!

9. Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters are another great group project to go with. All you need for this one are some beige colored clothes and some boxes with a small hose to strap on to your backs. You can spend some family time making Ghostbusters patches to attach to your costume too, and a small strip that has your character name on it, or just yours if you want to be your own set of Ghostbusters.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean

Unless you’re trying to mimic the scene in At World’s End where there are 100 different Jack Sparrow’s running around, I wouldn’t recommend everyone go out in a long coat with a sword and red bandana. Pirate costumes are, however, really fun to make. All you need are some older looking clothes, preferably some boots, a bandana, earrings, maybe an eye patch, and some prop swords and you’re good to go. This one is another great chance to spend time doing each other’s make-up, so get creative and let your imagination wander!

11. NBA/NFL/MLB Team

For those sports fans out there, Halloween is a great time to go as players from your favorite professional team. Sports fans usually already own their favorite players’ jerseys, and families tend to cheer for the same team, so use your sports gear and paraphernalia to your advantage on Halloween! The girls can also go as the team cheerleaders if they want to, so there are plenty of options for everyone.