11 Things To Do Before Winter Arrives!

Winter is coming, and soon us Northerners we’ll be locked indoors! While the enjoyable fall weather is still around, let's take advantage of cooling weather with these festivities.

1. Get Outdoors!

Once it’s cold, it’ll take more willpower to brave the snowy ground and frigid air, so take advantage of the mild weather that is encroaching in on us. Take walks, breathe in the crisp air, and let the smell of awakening chimneys and heating systems fill your nose. Fall is a wonderful time of year. While the hot days of summer may be leaving us, enjoy the changing world outside, and prepare to enter this winter happily! There will be time to curl up next to your heater in due time. For now, learn to enjoy the crisp air, throw on a sweater, and get outside!

2. Bonfires

If you have a yard, a metal or brick fire pit isn’t too expensive to acquire or build. Otherwise, public parks often have designated spots for fires. Get your family and friends together for an evening, start a fire, and enjoy each other’s company. The bonfire doesn’t need to be gigantic. It can be a few logs you let burn for an hour or so while you don warm clothes, and spend an evening outdoors. You can even make s’mores! It’ll be an experience that will soon be lost once cold weather sits in, so enjoy the evening air while you can.

3. Bike

Once snow and ice covers the ground, only the most committed of us will continue to brave the streets on a bike. Fall is the perfect time to go on long rides, though. The air is cool, so you’ll be comfortable as your body heats up; the weather is typically clear and dry, so no worries about rain ruining your plans; and, perhaps best of all, the bike paths are typically cleared out, so you can have the road to yourself as you observe the browning leaves, migrating birds, and beautiful world that is changing around you. There are plenty of easy paths through forests and in nature, so getting out and being in the middle of all the commotion should be no problem.

4. Visit an Amusement Park

Visiting amusement parks might not be high on your priority list, but they can be an excellent way to relax and enjoy yourself for a day. If you are in a place where it snows and gets positively frigid, you only have a month or so before your local amusement park shuts down for the season! In the fall, they typically get less foot traffic, so now is the perfect time to avoid lines! Be sure to bring some warm clothes though. Flying on a roller coaster might make you a little extra chilly.

5. Sporting Events

Now is the season for high school and college sports. Even if you do not know much about local sports, it’s still fun go out and root for your home team! College games are typically very cheap compared to professional games, and high school games will be about half that if not free. Your town might even participate in some non-professional leagues. Once winter hits, convincing yourself to sit on freezing bleachers is a lot to ask, but warming up with some hot drinks and being a member of your community can be a great diversion from your normal routine.

6. Finish those Home Improvement Projects

We all have a list of projects we want to finish around our house. Use the next month or two of dry weather to knock some stuff of that list! Some bigger projects, like building a deck or painting can be finished up before winter hits if they are given the right amount of time.

7. Go to an Apple Orchard

The staple of fall in America is apple orchards and pumpkin patches! Get a few friends together, walk through the trees, throw apples at each other, and drink some cider. You can spend a wonderful afternoon enjoying the festive atmosphere that crops up in rural communities, only a short drive out of the city.

8. Visit the Zoo

Again, once winter hits, zoos often close or many animals go inside for the winter. The weather is cool, so you’ll be a bit more comfortable. Plus, you’ll be able to think fondly on how the tigers and lions get a nice heated home through the winter while you freeze on your way to work!

9. Tour your City

Tourism settles down a great deal in the fall. This is a good chance to see your city the way tourists see it. Not only will you learn a lot of interesting details about your home, but you’ll also be helping local businesses as they go into the off season for tourism is cold states.

10. Take a Road Trip North!

Depending on where you live, this might be a bit harder to achieve, but try heading to places that are going to cool down even more than your own home soon! A change of scenery is the perfect memory for the fall.

11. Soak up the Sun

Whatever you end up doing, just remember to enjoy the sun for as long as you can! Once its all grey skies and fewer hours of sunlight, it’s going to be hard to remember the sun is even warm. So while it’s still beating down on us, get out there and live it up!