12 Tips For Success In Sales

More often than not, sales can be a frustrating and stressful industry, especially for people that are just getting started and are trying to lay the foundation for their careers. No matter what your product is or what kind of service you provide, sales requires the ability to properly relate to your prospects and knowledge of both your company, your product and current industry trends, and how your personal services can provide your customers with the best in the industry. Whether you are just beginning your career in sales or are already a seasoned veteran, here are 12 tips to finding success in sales.

1. Know the customer

What are your customers looking for in your product or service? Do some research to understand why they need your product and how your product can help them and their clients. 

2. Who are your customer’s customers?

While you are researching your prospect, go a little further and figure out the kind of customers they cater to. How can your prospects customers benefit from your business? Will your product help to drive your prospects sales/business?

3. Be personable and relatable

Anyone can present a sales pitch to a customer, but not everyone can succeed in acquiring the sale. Part of the reason is that successful salespeople know how to relate to their customers on a personal level. When you present your pitch, be a person, not just a robot, and the responses from your prospect will drastically improve.

4. Sell on worth/value, not price

Price is often a big factor for your clients. Your competition will always have other affordable options for your prospect to consider, so make a point to sell your product on worth and long-term value rather than price. Help you prospects understand that they may be paying more money now, but they will be saving great amounts of money in the long run. You can also highlight other benefits your company offers that your competition does not.

5. Sell with passion

Your prospects will need to become excited about your product in order for you to get the sale. When you make your pitch, be sure to display your passion for your job and your confidence in selling your product or service. If you are enthused about it, your prospects will become enthused about it.

6. Remember add-on incentives

Show your prospects what other services you can provide for them. Showing them other products that are available to them through you might just help you close the sale.

7. Sell yourself, not just the product

Prospects want to know that they are getting a quality product, but they also want reassurance that they are in the most experienced and professional hands possible. Show your prospects that you hold a genuine interest in their life and business, and give them confidence to trust in you as their representative.

8. Stay on top of voicemails

Once you have assured your prospect that they are safe in your hands, now it’s time to prove it. When you receive a call or voicemail from a customer, try your best to answer it right away. If, however, you cannot answer the call at that time, be sure to respond to their message as quickly as possible. This will assure them you are doing everything you can to get them the best experience possible.

9. Get Proper Training

If you have an opportunity to learn, take it. There are many reputable training programs that can help you become a better salesperson and gain some unique skills of the trade. You can take away some insights that will set you up well for decades.

10. Stay informed

The more knowledgeable you are about your company, product, and the industry at large, the better able you will be to present your product or service to your prospects in an effective way. That also means staying on top of your competition and figuring out how to maintain your sales against other incentives and services offered by other companies.

11. Take a personal interest in your customers

Once you have acquired a customer, it is now your job to stay in touch with them. Call your clients at least once a month to check up on them and see if there is anything else you can do for them. Sending them a card with a personalized note for birthdays, anniversaries, or business accomplishments also helps you to maintain the personal relationship you have worked towards developing with them.

12. Look for referrals

When you acquire a new customer, don’t be afraid to ask them for business referrals. Referrals are an easy and effective way of gaining new business because they have already been impressed by the referee, and are therefore more open to hearing your pitch and even purchasing your product.