13 Bad Habits You Should Make An Effort To Break

We all have bad habits we wish we had never allowed ourselves to fall into. This makes our failure at breaking such habits even more frustrating, and our desire to make another effort even weaker for fear of failing again. But breaking bad habits is just like undertaking any other endeavor: it takes time, effort, patience, and the support of your family, friends, and coworkers. If you have the true desire to drop one (or all) of your bad habits, and you can find support from those around you, you will find undertaking such a goal becomes much less stressful and even easier to resist once you have broken it. Although it’s not really realistic to give up all of your bad habits, here are 13 you should really make an effort to break before worrying about dropping any more.

1. Skipping Breakfast

This makes number one because it is not necessarily perceived as a bad habit by the general public. What’s worse is the fact that skipping breakfast is a regular part of a lot of peoples’ routines. Breakfast, however, is still considered the most important meal of the day, so take an extra five minutes in the morning to eat a bowl of cereal or some toast and orange juice.

2. Smoking

Most smokers will tell you they have wanted to quit before, but for a million different reasons they never actually did it. In a way, smoking should be considered more of an addiction (in some cases), but unlike an addiction, you can give it up willingly and stick to never picking it up again. Look for support from your friends and family and remove any triggers that might cause you to want to smoke.

3. Drinking Excess Coffee

Starbucks has effectively made coffee a regular activity in the routine of millions of people around the world, not only in the morning but also throughout the course of the day. Drinking too much caffeine, however, can have damaging long-term effects on your health. A cup in the morning is totally acceptable, but try switching to water and eating fruit for those late-in-the-day shots of energy.

4. Unnecessary Eating

Eating food or snacking throughout the day is another one of those idle activities that we often do not even think about. Even worse is the fact that we often times jump to snacking just to stave off boredom or to eat while lounging around watching movies or television. Try eating three balanced meals a day and having a cup of yogurt, a banana, or a granola bar between meals, and avoid jumping to snacks every time the TV is on.

5. Staying Up Late

It’s easy to get wrapped up in late-night television, especially with all of the talk shows and primetime sitcoms not coming on until eight or nine in the evening. Try setting an alarm, not only for waking up in the morning, but also for going to bed at night. This can help ensure that you are allowing yourself enough hours for sleeping every night.

6. Swearing

Everybody swears. There is just no way around it. You can, however, make efforts to swear much less. Try exercising your mind by thinking of alternative adjectives with which to describe your frustrations, criticize other people, or imply some sort of action (you know what I’m talking about). It might save you a lot stress and agony in the long run.

7. Constant Web Browsing

Constantly starring at your computer or looking at your phone to check Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and other web applications does nothing but make you socially distant and uninteresting. The world is happening all around you, so look around and store some images in your actual memory. That means not jumping to take a video of everything you see or only socializing in your via chat rooms.

8. Playing Video Games for Extended Hours

Sitting around for too long playing video games is absolutely detrimental to your health. People have, in fact, dropped down dead after sitting around for 10+ hours playing video games, so much so that manufacturers now include fatal warning labels on their packaging. At least get up and go for a walk, or cook some dinner, or read a book, anything that will make you a little more human and a little less zombie-like.

9. Watching Too Much Television

This goes right along with playing too many hours of video games. There is so much more to do than sit in your basement or bedroom playing Nintendo or XBOX, that the possibilities are almost endless. Look for some new hobbies to take up for occupying your time that requires a little more physical activity and/or intellectual thought.

10. Biting Your Fingernails

This is another one that so many people do it is almost not even considered a bad habit. Biting your nails, however, is terrible for your skin and can cause your nails to begin growing abnormally. Try replacing tactile stimulus with something like a toothpick or a piece of gum, and start clipping or trimming your nails on a regular basis (once every one-two weeks). You will almost immediately notice healthier looking skin around your nail beds.

11. Cracking Your Knuckles

Most doctors will tell you that cracking your knuckles can lead to arthritis-like issues further down the road, especially if you do it on a regular basis. Try simply flexing and then relaxing your hands without actually cracking your knuckles, or carry a squeeze ball to strengthen the muscles in your hands. 

12. Skipping The Gym

Skipping on your workout once will automatically make you want to do it again. You start thinking along the lines of, “I can always go tomorrow,” or, “I had a rough day and don’t feel like going.” When this happens, force yourself to stick to your workout routine. You will likely feel much better when you leave than if you had just decided to go home and lounge around.

13. Procrastinating

Another habit we all fall into is putting off work. When you have several different projects to handle at once, make a plan of action and tackle them one at a time based on work load or deadline. Be sure to work in an area free of distractions, but also give yourself breaks in order to keep your mind from overloading and lose all interest in working.