13 Ways To Make The Most Of A Rainy Day

There is nothing like waking up to the sound of rain against the rooftop, especially when it feels like you haven’t heard or seen fresh rain in days or even weeks on end. Granted, rainy days can be a nuisance, especially if you have to be out and about running errands or working outdoors. But if you have the day off work or happened to go to the grocery store just yesterday, there is no need to let a rainy day get you down.

Here are 13 ways to make the most of your rainy day:

1. Catch up on the news.

When you finally get around to crawling out of bed, and after you make yourself a pot of coffee, sit down for a second and watch the news. Whether you watch the local news or one of the nationwide networks, it’s always good to catch up on what is going on in the outside world. You may even come across an upcoming event that you’ve been meaning to attend but that might have slipped your mind.

2. Go to the movies.

These days going to the movies always seems like a last-minute ditch effort to find something to do on Friday night, but if you find yourself not wanting to stay in the house on a rainy day I would consider giving it another chance. Seeing a new movie on the big screen is a great way to pass the time and tickets are dirt-cheap during the matinee showings, so you’ll be sure to have some extra cash for that concession stand popcorn! And who doesn’t like watching 15-20 minutes of trailers before the feature begins? This is a no-brainer, really.

3. Go to the gym or recreation center.

Another productive activity you could undertake if you don’t want to be in the house is going to the gym. Fitting a good workout into our schedules is nearly impossible these days, but a rainy day is the perfect opportunity for it! Even if you don’t have a gym membership, you can consider going to your local community recreation center and getting a guest pass for the day. You’ll have even more options here because you can participate in other indoor activities like basketball or racquetball.

4. Be a “Mallrat.”

If you love shopping, or find that you need to get some new clothes or appliances, or just want to pass the time doing nothing, go to the mall! There are plenty of things to do at the mall: eat lunch, see a movie, ride a Ferris wheel, shop…need I say more? You might even run into staged dating show and find TS Quint and Brodie competing with Dante Hicks for Quint’s girlfriend, or find Stan Lee reminiscing about lost love. Who knows; the possibilities are almost endless!

5. Go bowling.

Want to take a trip back to high school Golf & Bowling class? Call a couple of friends and ask if they want to go bowling. It’s a fun and simple way to pass the time when it’s all doom and gloom outside, and it will only cost you a couple of bucks…in most cases! Most bowling allies also have arcade areas and pool tables if you get tired of knocking down pins.

6. Read a book or magazine.

If, like me, you don’t mind staying home on a rainy day, there are plenty of ways you can pass the time. One of the best ways to do so is by reading a book. Most of us have an old bookshelf somewhere in the house with some old dusty novels that we haven’t read in a few years, so consider brushing one off and re-familiarizing yourself with it. You can also check out the New York Times current bestseller list and download a book to your iPad or laptop, or read a magazine or newspaper.

7. Clean and organize!

For those of us that always put off housework, a rainy day is the perfect time to play catch-up. Make a list of small household chores you can get done, like the laundry, sweeping the floors, dusting, scrubbing the bathroom, ect. You might also get inspired to reorganize the living room or your bedroom furniture to give the place a new feel.

8. Finish an item on your To-Do List.

Do you have a household project that you have recently left unfinished? Getting back into a dropped project is a great way to pass your time when it’s raining outside. Whether you are installing some additional wall-shelves, painting a room in the house, or preparing to replace your carpet with hardwood flooring, a rainy day with Sirius Radio is a great way to knock some items off your To-Do List.

9. Make a home-cooked meal.

Often times people are put off from cooking a homemade meal because it can be very time consuming, but when you are stuck at home on a rainy day, cooking is a great way to pass the time. Make a short run to the local grocery store and make a pot-roast or meatloaf, or even bake a lemon chicken and roasted vegetables. You could even try your luck at a batch of homemade cookies!

10. Catch up on shows on Netflix, HBO, or Showtime.

Have you found yourself not able to participate in conversations about recent television shows because you just don’t have time to sit around binge watching Netflix? Once again, a rainy day comes to the rescue! Ask your friends for recommendations on a new television series, or check out premium tv channels like HBO or Showtime. There are plenty of new dramas, documentaries, reality series, and recent movie releases for you to catch up on and fill up your day.

11. Play a board game or mind-exercise activity.

If you’ve got a few friends over on your rainy day, and watching TV seems like a dull activity, pull out some old board games or even a deck of cards. Playing a game of Risk, Monopoly, Pictionary, Texas Hold’Em, or Cards Against Humanity (don’t play this with your kids or little cousins) is a great and sociable way to pass the time. You can also pull up the Soduku app or do a crossword puzzle for some mind exercise activities if you’re by yourself. Is Solitaire still a thing?

12. Learn something!

You might have been out of school for some time now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep learning. Watching a documentary, or downloading an app like the Rosetta Stone to learn a new language are great ways to make a productive use of your time.

13. Catch-up on popular culture.

Whether your thing is movies, music, or sports, rainy days offer the perfect opportunity to catch up on recent events and news headlines regarding your favorite athlete or celebrity. Check out news headlines on Yahoo! or switch the channel to ESPN and listen to the conversation for a while. You can even turn on the radio and listen to some talk shows, or login to Twitter and see what people have been doing.