16 Quotes From Daniel Chidiac That Will Change Your Outlook On Life

Sometimes all it takes is some literature to really give you perspective and empower you to chase your dreams. Author Daniel Chidiac wrote the book Who Says You Can't: YOU DO to help readers realize their potential and inspire them to be the best they can be. Here are some quotes from his book that will strike a chord, an inspire you to be all that you can.

1.“The beauty of life is just as real as the ugliness of life. It all depends on which one you choose to see.”

This is a simple choice of optimism versus pessimism. Choosing to see the beauty in life and all its imperfections and obstacles will ultimately lead to greater happiness.

2.“Once you grasp that everything you do in life is a choice, there is no room to play the victim.”

You can’t feel sorry for yourself, otherwise you won’t give yourself the power to fire back from adversity. Like Chidiac says, life is a series of choices. Sometimes you won’t make the right ones, but you can’t let that define you.

3. “When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel. When you change the way you feel, you change the way you act. When you change the way you act, you change your life.”

It’s human nature to evolve and sometimes devolve through life. This is Chidiac’s way of telling the reader that change is inevitable, but we have the capability to take charge and create positive change in our lives.

4. “It takes a simple-minded man to linger around those who are praised, yet a courageous man to pick up those who have fallen.”

You should always make the effort to help others regardless if they’re close to you or not. At one point in our lives, we’re all going to need help from someone while we’re in a fragile state. We all need to do our part to help one another.

5.“There are two kinds of critics. One is a coward who gains his glory by attacking things he never had the courage to do. The other is courageous enough to tell you that cowards never make it. Learn to utilise both of them.”

Both of the character types that Chidiac is talking about show courage. They accept fear for what it is, but still move forward anyway.

6.“It’s evident that we are always obtaining knowledge in this life, but learning requires rapid action. You could watch someone change a car tire twenty times over, but unless you get down and do it, your knowledge is never tested, nor will you learn.”

Thoughts remain stagnant unless they’re acted upon, then there’s essentially no use in them. In order to be successful, you have to turn thoughts into execution. In many cases, there’s going to be a learning curve and obstacles to overcome, but you have keep at it in order to add greater value to your experiences.

7. "Everyone has been given the keys to life; some just refuse to open the doors."

What are you going to do with the opportunities given to you? Will you do everything in your power to thrive? Or you will chalk up your failures to being a product of your environment? You have to keep moving forward regardless of circumstance to achieve your dreams.

8. “Don’t ask how life is treating you; ask how you are treating life!”

Life is an opportunity, and our time is limited. You are ultimately responsible for your own happiness. For some people, it may not seem like it, but you are in control. Make the most out of life.

9. “When you appreciate something, you don’t abuse it. Learn to appreciate all that’s life.”

Everything you become fond of in life need to be respected and admired, especially if it’s another human being. The things you enjoy most are the things that define you. Learn to grasp the scope of that and take the time to realize just how the best aspects of your life make you grow.

10. “Look at nature: from the growth of a plant, which is the result of a seed, to a collision of clouds, which results in a storm. There is a build up, and things that must take place before a massive result is seen.”

This quote helps us remind us that life is a process. You need to think carefully, plan ahead, and account for the obstacles. In a time where we want so many great things instantly, we need to value great results from working hard and not taking any shortcuts.

11. “Do at least one thing each day, make sure you recognise the progress, and be proud of yourself for doing”

There’s enough time in each and every day for you to make a breakthrough. It could be a massive, or it could be as small as adding 1 extra push up to your set. Aim to make these strides every day, and when you do, praise yourself for always looking to improve.

12. “If a man comes up and asks you for fish to eat, do not just give the fish. If you do this, the man will continue to come back for more, again and again. When you give the fish, you must teach him how to catch the fish, so he can depend on himself, learn, catch many fish, and teach others.”

Odds are is that one person will rely on you for the easy way out at least once in your life. You probably have asked the same thing of another person. It’s good to help people, but you need to help them in a way that’s conducive to their personal growth. You can’t enable them by constantly helping them without teaching them anything. Helping by teaching is how we create a continuous cycle of capable human beings.

13. “Being self-aware is not the absence of mistakes, but the ability to learn and correct them.”

Don’t fear making mistakes, learn from them and become a more knowledgeable and self-aware because of your experience with failure. Failure is good for the soul, because it makes the successes that much sweeter and keeps you persistent under pressure.

14. "When a person attempts to control someone else's life, it only reflects the lack of control they have on their own.

Don’t let other people pull the strings on your life, or keep you from doing what makes you happy. We all need to have the free will to get fulfill our heart’s desire. If there’s people getting in your way or vice versa, all it will result in is resentment.

15. "A wise man never dwells on what he doesn’t have. He remains in constant appreciation of what he has already, whilst being in pursuit of what he wants."

If you don’t have something you want in life, don’t blame the problem on anyone or anything, work for it. Learn the value of hard work the expectation that you will reap the reward. If it doesn’t work out, at least you have the satisfaction of giving it your all.

16. "I once had someone say to me "The reason I complain all the time is because crap keeps happening in my life." I turned to him and said "The truth is, the reason crap keeps happening in your life, is because you don't stop complaining."

Once again, your life is not going to be perfect, and there’s going to obstacles that need a strong will in over to be overcame. You’re only making your life more difficult if you just absorb problem after problem by pitying yourself and not do anything. Enough of that “Woe is me” attitude, turn problems into solutions.

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