19 New Date Ideas Any Couple Would Enjoy

When it comes to planning new and exciting date-nights with your loved one, finding something new to do, or somewhere new to go is always a challenge, especially if it’s too cold outside. Based on my experience, doing the same things over and over again will definitely lead to boredom and unhappiness, so I suggest giving these 19 new date ideas a try.

1. Local Sports Games

If you’re fortunate enough to have local sports teams, like the Minnesota Timberwolves or the Minnesota Wild here in the Twin Cities, find some cheap tickets and go enjoy a game. Just be prepared for excessive Kiss-Cam appearances.

2. Go Bowling

Bowling is always fun, whether it’s Friday night or Sunday afternoon. Don’t worry about whether or not you’re actually good at bowling, the point is to enjoy each other’s company. Order a few beers and maybe some subpar bowling alley food, and have fun!

3. Rent Bikes

If it isn’t too cold outside, rent a pair of bikes and go on a bike ride. You can catch a trail through the city or opt for a more scenic route towards the suburbs. Either way, it’s a great chance to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine on any afternoon.

4. Tour A Museum

Chances are your city has at least one museum that would be interesting to check out. Most museums also only require a donation to get in, so you’ll have a great time together without blowing Friday’s paycheck.

5. Restaurant/Bar Crawl

Who says a good old-fashioned drunken afternoon isn’t appropriate for a date night? If you do want to keep it a little classy, though, visit a neighborhood in town with a lot of restaurants, and do a restaurant crawl. You can have appetizers one place, an entre at another, and dessert at another!

6. Tour of Unknown Spots

Another fun activity you and your date can enjoy together is acting like tourists for the day. But you don’t just have to visit all of the famous cliché spots in town. Do a little research and map out a route of relatively unknown spots that are unique to your city, and go and check them out together.

7. Dinner Movies

If getting up a little earlier isn’t a part of your itinerary, make an evening date plan. Going to a dinner movie is a great early-evening date. Good meals and a big-screen feature in the dark is always great for a date night, but only if this isn’t something you do all the time. Remember you’re reading this because you want to change things up.

8. Go “Rock” Climbing

Maybe you and your lover are feeling a bit adventurous. Try doing something out of your comfort zone like indoor rock climbing. You can help each other up the wall and when you reach the top, you’ll have had a great date, and scratched another activity off your list of fears.

9. Go Shopping

Just like doing a bar or restaurant crawl, you can also go shopping for the day. If you’re in Minnesota like me, the Mall of America has plenty of dining and shopping to keep you walking all day, but you can also visit some smaller outdoor plazas and antique malls. Yes, I am spoiled by the MOA, so whatever you have access to will have to do.

10. Cook A Meal

If you want to stay in for the day, go to the grocery store on Saturday and plan on cooking a meal together. You can opt to make an actual meal or have a baking session; either way, fun in the kitchen makes for a fun date.

11. Walk in the Park

Weather permitting, a nice sunshiny day makes for the perfect opportunity for a walk in the park. Take a stroll by a lake or river, or hike on a forest trail. It’s a great way to get exercise, and spend an afternoon together.

12. Drink Creatively

Another fun activity that you and your date can enjoy while exploring your creative side is attending a paint-and-sip class. You can enjoy a nice bottle of wine while getting some tips to fuel your creative edge. For some extra fun, sit at angle so that you can’t see each other’s work, and then reveal it to each other together; you never know when a strange coincidence will come your way.

13. Ice Skating

Since the groundhog went back underground for another six weeks, February is still a great month for ice skating. Go check out an outdoor skating rink either downtown or in your local community and have fun helping each other stay on your feet.

14. Pick A Random Movie (Much different than #7)

Catching a Sunday matinee is also a great way to spend time with your date. The trickiest part will be deciding on which movie to see. If you end up in a scenario where you can’t agree on something, close your eyes and make a random selection, and agree to watch it no matter which selection you get. Even if it’s bad, you can both be mean critics together afterwards.

15. Go Dancing

Dancing is always a fun date activity, if both parties can get over the fact that neither can ‘dance.’ If one or both of you are too shy, stay in and put on some slow tunes while those cookies are baking, and enjoy a little intimacy on your date night.

16. Brewery Tour

A fun alternative to doing your own bar or restaurant crawl is to visit your local brewery and take a tour. The Twin Cities has a plethora of local breweries you can visit and sample craft and seasonal beers, and most are located right around local restaurants, so you can enjoy a nice meal after your tour.

18. Go Driving

Going for a long drive can also make for an adventurous, yet relaxing date. Don’t go with any specific destination in mind, just get in the car, turn off Google Maps, and drive for a few hours. You can look at the surrounding countryside, and get away from the hussle of the city streets. Just be sure whoever is not driving is not nose-deep in their smart phone: find some music you can both sing along to and just enjoy each other’s company.

19. Netflix & Chill

If all else fails, you can always plop down on the couch and have a Netflix movie or show marathon. Order a pizza and make some drinks (or have some wine) and just spend the day together “watching movies.” Whatever you do, be sure to consider the fact that doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of insanity!