3 Creative Flower Ideas For Your Garden

No matter how much you love to grow your vegetables, a garden is not truly a garden without flowers. Flowers play an integral role in any landscape. Creating an elegant flowerbed will truly transform your garden into a place that is not only visually appealing, but very useful.

The flowers in your landscape are as much a part of living sustainably as the fruit and vegetables are. A good planting scheme can bring more wildlife to your garden, including beneficial pollinating and predatory insects that can help keep down the pests. There's far more to a flower than what meets the eye.

Below I discuss a few fun ways to incorporate good flower planting into your garden scheme:

Create a bee-friendly garden

There are many flowers that are attractive to bees and other pollinators. The majority of your plants should be native, but non-native plants should have a place as well. Recent research has shown that although non-native plants do not usually attract a high number of bees, they can be useful for prolonging the flowering season.

Plant single flowers because double flowers can be more problematic for the bees. You should plant purple or blue flowers such as comfrey, borage, lavender, buddleia and foxgloves because bees can see these more clearly. Foxgloves are tubular in shape. This is beneficial for bumblebees and other long-tongued bees.

Create an edible flower garden

To increase the yield you get from your garden whilst still giving a great visual display, try creating a flower garden of flowers that are entirely edible. There are plenty of edible flower species, some of which taste wonderful in a salad, a sweet dish or with fruits. Some examples of flowers that you can eat are: nasturtiums, cornflowers, primrose varieties, marigolds (in moderation), borage (also in moderation), violets, and many varieties of roses. Surprise your dinner guests with some beautiful additions and garnishes from your edible flower garden.

Create a vertical flower and herb garden

To make the most of the space in your landscape or garden, or to simply cover an ugly wall or a piece of fencing, create a vertical garden for flowers and herbs. You can buy kits or make a vertical garden using simple wooden pallets or other free and affordable materials. By creating this 3D visual display, you will add drama and interest to your garden. In addition, you will be living more sustainably and you will make space for the edible crops in your yard. By bringing the plants up close to your nose, you will have an easier time appreciating their pleasant scent. Use flowers with a lovely fragrance for the best effect.