3 Haemin Sunim Quotes to Remember at Work

Haemin Sunim is a Buddhist monk with a love for spreading wisdom on social media. Yep, this monk spends time on Twitter! Sunim he has 1.26 MILLION followers. Although many of his tweets are in Korean, but he also tweets in English. His bite-size wisdom became so popular in South Korea, in fact, that he wrote a book. The book includes writing not posted on Twitter, as well as many of his nuggets of wisdom. The book was recently translated into English, and you can now find it in bookstores everywhere. Titled Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down, the American version of the book is rated 4.21/5 on Goodreads, and 4.6/5 on Amazon.

I just finished reading the book, and I highly recommend it for all. I can see why it's so popular and loved worldwide - I now have several pages in my journal devoted to my favorite Haemin Sunim quotes. 

Here are a couple that are great to think about both personally and while you're at work. 

Passion vs. Wisdom

"The most dangerous people are those who have passion but lack wisdom."

This one's not directly related to work, but it sure makes you think. When you're passionate about your job and the work you're doing, it's easy to get a little carried away. Remember to stand back and observe your passion once in a while, and use your wisdom to really see where and how your passion is leading you.

Discover Your True Calling

"It is hard to find one’s calling because many mistakenly believe they need to look only within to discover their passion. Although it is true that we have innate interests and talents, we often do not know what they are until we have real-life experiences. Having a wide range of experiences can help you uncover your inner passion. Try various part-time jobs and internships, or volunteer. Don’t be afraid of rolling up your sleeves and diving in. While immersed in a job’s reality, you will discover whether it’s a good fit. Work experiences may unlock the door to a career opportunity you hadn’t considered."

Sunim has many quotes about finding your true self, your passion, and your calling. This one in particular is about finding a career that fits with your interests, which is extremely important for your happiness. He gets what it's like to not know exactly what you want to do or be right away, so he stresses the importance of having experiences across multiple of your interests.

Finding Purpose

"When you leave work for the day, if you find yourself asking, "Do I have to live my whole life like this?" Then try the following: Wake up a little earlier the next morning, and sit in silence, as if in meditation. Breathe in deeply and slowly, and ask yourself how your work is helping others, regardless of how insignificantly or indirectly. As you focus more on others, you can reconnect with the meaning and purpose of your work."

It's easy to get lost in the tasks of the day, without looking at the whole picture of what we're doing at work. When you take a couple minutes to actually think about the bigger picture of what you're accomplishing and how you're helping others, your work might just feel more meaningful.