3 Lessons on the Value of Commitment

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.” – Peter F. Drucker

Motivation gets you started, but commitment keeps you going. When you make a commitment, it is essentially a promise that you make to yourself, a vow to never give up no matter how long or hard the struggle is. It is born from a deep desire to get attain that vision pictured so clearly in your mind through spirited action, a determined will and faith. Our inherent power and greatest strengths remain undiscovered until they are put to the test. Never doubt your ability to remain committed, stay the course and go the distance. Your mind will often try to talk you out of your deepest hopes and aspirations because they often require courage and strides out of comfort zones. This is the role of your ego to keep you protected, but you must allow your heart to sing its song too. Uncertainty is a goldmine for possibilities, don’t quit before you give yourself the chance to explore them. Here are 3 lessons on the value of commitment to help you along the way.

1. Commitment builds Character 

We are intrinsically complex creatures and we frequently face internal battles. If we choose to back out of dealing with that conflict then we lose our inner sense of direction. It takes strength to move past challenges, face fears and navigate conflicts. When you choose to fight for your dreams then you essentially choose the struggles that arise along that path. So when tough times hit, make a choice- you can either continue to commit to a more troublesome path that carries potential in the end,or give up and never realize the true measure of bravery and beauty to move forward. Choose to commit to the best 'you'.

2. If you can’t commit to you- then why should anyone else? 

Integrity is standing strong in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Commitment shows integrity and a willingness to stick to your own passions and principles in the face of adversity. People can only commit to others by doing the same for themselves first. You’ll be more inspired when you stick to your own moral compass and aspirations whether other people agree with it or not. When you shine out your own beliefs, hopes, and ambitions, it encourages and inspires others to become more committed themselves and also stand by you because they trust what they see.

3. Commitment is real

Real is what remains and stands the test of time. Whilst everything else falls away, commitment sticks.  Commitment can be both draining and energizing. It calls for you to draw upon all your inner reserves to just keep going. In doing so you are giving yourself the power to realize what you have committed to, your burning desire, your heart-filled dreams, or designing more inspiring relationships. Commitment is what you do each day to ground what you want for yourself into reality regardless of external knocks and influences.

Keep your promise to persevere, especially when obstacles arise. Commitment and a strong sense of purpose give your motivation meaning. Purpose is the 'pumping heart' of motivation. Hold fast to what you truly want for yourself and each day do something that moves you a little further out of fear and in getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

“You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear” - Sammy Davis, Jr.

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