3 Mechanisms to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Stress is something that we actually create for ourselves. Our mental processes feed into patterns that construct scenarios and difficult circumstances, setting us off into panic mode and feeling burdened by the weight of what sits in our mind. We become anxious and worried by things that haven’t even occurred because our thoughts spiral when our sense of safety or security is threatened. We should recognize that the idea of stress and worry are weaved into the matrix of our existence; but our response we make can change our perception of it. We can rise above stress by accepting that we will always hit obstacles and challenges. Rather than fight against what we deem as negative and stressful we can take some time to reflect and use the situation as a way to utilize our inner mechanics of wisdom and truth.

1. Mind over matter

We all have an innate synergy between our hearts and mind that gets knocked off balance when we feel stressed. Our thoughts are something we can consciously calibrate toward our intended direction. If we program ourselves to continually feed into our external circumstance then we get sucked in by negative energy rather than channeling positivity to find a solution. Mindful quiet time is often filled with answers. When we are able to emerge out of what surrounds us we can find a clarity that leads to remedies and resolutions outside our physical periphery. We can be guided by our inner vision and well of wisdom when we untangle from our cluttered minds.

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another”- William James

2. Inner confidence and Self Belief

Self doubt seeps into us very quietly, yet powerfully. When we doubt ourselves, everything around us makes even less sense and promotes feelings of low self-worth. This in turn causes an emotional type of stress, where you don’t believe in your ability to deal with challenges and the little bumps in the road that we all inevitably hit at some stage. As human beings, our survival instinct is always very strong and innately powerful, but we need to unequivocally believe in it. We grow stronger and more confident when we rise up to our circumstance. We need the pressure of adversity to highlight our resilience and resolve.

“Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it” - Stan Smith

3. Facing fears and anxiety

We get caught up in external stress through internal fears that maybe we have not yet faced. Fear does not make us weak; our fears can actually provide us with fertile ground for progress when we can use them to our strength. Overcoming fears is a process; it is a journey through fear that inspires courage and freedom. We cannot expect an easy life yet still flourish and bloom to our glory. When we face our inner fears and immerse into life’s little storms we learn how to become better ‘life navigators’. Anxiety keeps us on lockdown, yet when we uncover each layer of it we can find what sits beneath that worry and a way to free ourselves from it. We liberate ourselves through facing our fears instead of dismissing or negating them.

“I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship” -Louisa May Alcott

We can choose to embed ourselves in the present moment where we can best utilize and maximise our energy. This brings the power back to us where we can embrace our trials, and in turn, ease the feeling of stress and perceived lack of control. We are never powerless; our productivity depends on our capacity to draw upon all our heroic inner qualities to find a sense of calm in the centre of each storm.

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