3 Negatives We Experience From Not Following Our Dreams

The feeling of failure is equipped with so many different emotions, forcing us to dwell on our flaws and wonder if we can ever recover from this entirely new low-point we’re experiencing. While failure brings many complications along with it, you can take solace in the fact that you now know something concrete. As bad as it feels to fail, it’s the not-knowing that will ultimately tear you down more than failing ever could. It may be more gradual and subtle, but trying and failing towards something is far better than never opting to embrace the journey at all.

You’ll Continue to Tell Yourself Stories

Not knowing the final outcome of any goal or any situation is detrimental to the way we feel about ourselves as we get further and further in life. When you look back at an unpursued dream, in one way or another, you’re going to trap yourself by thinking what could have been, or blaming yourself for what you don’t currently have.

Life has a way of always giving you an idea to strive towards, but it’s up to you to make that idea a reality. There is absolutely no value in simulating what may or may not have happened if you didn’t pursue something, because you never made it happen.

Will you feel the sting of failure right away? No. But this feeling will continue to eat you up as a dream only comes more out of scope. You’ll always feel like the universe told you that you couldn’t live out your dream, but did you actually know for sure?

You Don’t Learn Anything

Life lessons purely come from the knowledge and experience you gain while working towards the ideas you set for yourself. If any of your dreams aren’t executed, then you won’t find new ways to evolve.

There’s so much value to be had in pursuing the things that may deliver happiness, whether the outcome is good or bad. It can come entirely from being pushed out of your comfort zone or learning more about what makes you excited about life.

You’ll Always Be Living in Fear

Living in the shadow of failure is far worse than the act of failing itself. Any inspiration you may feel to make your life better will be instantly barraged by your inner voice telling you that the pursuit isn’t worthwhile.

When you genuinely make the effort towards your goals, you’re not always going to be successful, you may not always land right back on your feet,but you will know the feeling of what it’s like to never back down from a challenge. This is one of greatest things we can do for ourselves.

What Can You Do?

Affirm to yourself right now that you never have to run any simulations in your head. You never have to fantasize about what can, might, or could have been. You always have the power to find out what is certain.

The answer isn’t always going to be what you want to hear, but at least you’ll know the outcome. Throughout the whole pursuit of an idea, you will learn an infinite amount of things about yourself that you never would have discovered if you didn’t try

Empower yourself to pursue the things that may make you happy. Allow yourself to learn more about you and the world around you. While you’re always going to have flaws, you have the option to live without fear. Living this way will help you find fulfillment one way or the other.