3 Reasons for Americans to Watch The World Cup

It’s nearly World Cup time, and excitement is brewing nearly everywhere across the world. However, in the United States, the dream of playing in Russia this summer has been dead for months now, which has tempered the excitement among many casual fans in the country. People who only tune in every 4 years to watch the Team USA maybe get out of the group stage now figure there isn’t any reason to tune in, but they are absolutely wrong, here are some reasons why Americans need to embrace the World Cup this year, even though the United States is not participating.

1. The Talent of Players

For those who say that the sport of soccer is boring may not have seen the generational players that are playing today. In this year’s World Cup, we will get to see if Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, who are definitively considered the best players in the world, can win the biggest global title of all. Ronaldo won the most recent UEFA cup with Portugal in 2016, and Messi has won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2008 with Argentina, but neither have won a World Cup title.

Also, there are players who are bound to revolutionize the sport like Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele who are playing for France in their first World Cup. If that’s not enough for you, and you think there’s no hope for the United States, watch highlights of Christian Pulisic, who isn’t even 21 and is the next big thing for American Soccer, which should excite you.

2. Excitement for Children

The players who are going to shine on a global stage this summer have been practicing since they were young lads, and were discovered from a young age into academies that facilitated their success. Even so, these stars had to work hard to prove that they worth the spot, truly dedicating themselves to the sport to be the absolute best. This is an opportunity to inspire young boys and girls that they too can shine under such pressure, and grow as players and as young people. There is a posibility for them to become professionals no matter where they come from if they work hard enough.

3. The Passion

Throughout this month of soccer, you get to realize that a whole country is on your shoulders, and your fans come out in droves. Different traditions and chants all culminate together in a 90 minute match where everything is left out on the pitch. You will feel that passion through your television screens and find a narrative to cling on to. You will be amazed by the stories that come out of the World Cup.

If you find yourself scrolling through channels looking for some entertainment, give the World Cup a shot to enthrall you in all of its action. You may be surprised at just how involved you get in the action and how inspired you are by players giving it their all for their country, even if it’s not your country.