3 Reminders on Creating Goals with Value

Goals offer us focus and purpose, they help us to direct our lives with meaning for progression and growth. We can sometimes weigh ourselves down with goals that do not match our true intention or inherent value. This is perhaps because we seek to set our goals from what we absorb externally from the experiences of others. Your goals should always be a reflection of you; before we set our goals, we should first begin by searching our hearts. Too often we get caught up in wanting to achieve big things that aren’t actually what we want or value deep down, maybe we set these goals from a place of mental anxiety, fear, or sense of lack from within. When we work toward our aspirations it should be channelled through a mindset of fullness, not what we lack.

When we take the time to patiently and purposefully refine what we aspire to achieve we can lock ourselves in for the long haul approach to our goals. Here are three reminders on setting goals to help you.

1. A mindful approach

We know that more focused and smaller goals are our stepping stones toward our bigger achievements. There's a wealth of evidence that supports this strategy. Frequently we neglect the little things because they are tiresome and reap their own little struggles, so we try to impatiently bypass them by thinking they do not matter when they do. The smaller steps are like the scaffolding that holds up our ultimate goal. We want to reach the big win that we have set our heart on, we wish to jump straight to the finish line, but this moves us further away from what we want, and claws away at our confidence. When we learn to value and appreciate our small victories, we build upon our inner confidence and support ourselves better toward the rest of the journey. Value the process first and have faith in the prize.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time”- Leo Tolstoy

2. Clarity, Meaning, Motivation

Any goal that we set with a “must do” or “have to” mindset will lack passion, clarity and meaning. The terminology and language that we use makes all the difference to how we approach our objectives. Our aspirations should be surrounded with a strong sense of enthusiasm with love and passion at their core. Without that emotional fire and inner drive, we will be swayed and driven off-course as our goals die out when the road toward them gets a little tough. Think about what you wish to achieve or create with a purpose-driven mindset; how does it serve you? what value does it add? how does it reflect the person that you are or want to become? Motivation comes and goes; it is our commitment, purpose and intrinsic value that we infuse into our aspirations that enable us to go the distance.

“There are few things more powerful than a life lived with passionate clarity”- Erwin McManus

3. Reflect

Set your intentions to what inspires you. What fires you up from the inside is a light that will stay charged and almost electric in energy on the journey toward your ambitions. When we create our goals, we are creating a vision of our future. That future needs to be based on authenticity so you can fortify yourself with the courage and heart to keep working toward it. Our mind can play tricks on us and through fears and inner turmoil we don’t root ourselves in a quiet place for long enough to listen and value the voice of our heart and what we truly desire. Don’t rush forward, make sure what you think you want from your ego-framed mindset is what you actually do want from your heart-led passions. When we lead with our hearts our mind will follow and we align ourselves as a match for our dreams, goals, and aspirations.

“Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance.”- Brian Tracy

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