3 Reminders on the Power of Emotion

Our emotions carry a lot of weight, depth and power. We can break down the word ‘emotion’ into two parts, ‘energy’ and ‘motion’- emotion. Often our emotion is an energy that we do not utilize or channel with higher intelligence because our most powerful emotions are so raw, untamed and difficult to manage. So how can we contain our emotion- and should we? The truth is, we cannot contain it without damaging ourselves and diluting our innate need to express and show our feelings, but we can work harder to understand it so we can direct it less recklessly. We can easily lose ourselves in those moments of fear and anger and this only prompts further confusion and conflict within us.

As we mature emotionally we can develop a greater awareness and recognize how we can shift our inner settings for better external results and outcomes- with people and situations. Here are 3 reminders on the power of emotion.

“Reason cannot calm the storm of emotion, and emotion usually wins, until it settles down and allows reason to rise again and apologize on behalf of it”- Hamza Yusuf

1. Inner Drive and Motion

Our emotions are the fuel in our tank. It is the deepest feelings from the pit of our stomach that actually move us toward change, reaching for our dreams, and persevering when tough times hit. The feelings that scare and bewilder us like fear, anger, shame or envy can actually help us make strides. We simply need to be more cognizant of how we manage them. We cannot negate what we feel; everything has its purpose and this includes the wide spectrum of feelings that we can guide and outwardly express. Emotions are all about movement- if we remain stuck with hurt feelings then they only hurt us more. The key is to acknowledge what we feel and move through it- with wisdom and understanding.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”- H. P. Lovecraft

2. Intuition and Emotion

When we shut down or compartmentalize our feelings then we effectively flick the switch of our intuition to ‘off’ or ‘unavailable’. Emotional unavailability is like living half a life where we only touch upon the boundaries of our existence rather than the limitlessness of it. Our mind builds barriers that our heart seeks to break down. We look for logic in our emotions, but they are highly illogical and at times irrational. Just like our intuition, we cannot construct a box around what we feel and why. Our intuition is an intelligent and abundant force we hold within, it is bound into our DNA. It is the foundation that everything else rests upon. When you allow yourself to feel, you are driven by the strengthened force of intuition.

“Intuition is the key to everything, in painting, filmmaking, business - everything. I think you could have an intellectual ability, but if you can sharpen your intuition, which they say is emotion and intellect joining together, then a knowingness occurs”- David Lynch

3. Love and Understanding

Love is our most courageous emotion. Love leaps over limits and softens each sharp edge of failure, sorrow, anger and hurt. Love tears down the wall of protection that we create around us so we don’t get hurt or feel pain. We often deny our depth of love because it exposes us and magnifies our vulnerabilities that we try so hard to hide. Understanding is love’s best friend, the two go together hand in hand. When we reach for more understanding then what we find is more love and greater empathy. By opening our hearts to the power of love, we naturally drive our more unruly emotions toward a gateway of understanding where we can observe and filter them with acuity and heightened awareness.

“Never be ashamed of what you feel. You have the right to feel any emotion that you want, and to do what makes you happy. That's my life motto”- Demi Lovato

We gain access to our emotional intelligence and capacity when we realize the strength of what we hold within and the fundamental power of our emotion. Where we choose to take our emotions is always up to us.

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