3 Smart Ways to Personal Transformation

We all have the natural ability to transform and shape ourselves into the person we want to be. Transformation is often something that we do not enter into whimsically, it is something that is provoked within us with the desire to reinvent ourselves. Some people that we meet throughout our lives act as catalysts for this ‘rebirth’ to occur. Maybe it’s the boss that pushes your buttons, someone you loved that let you down, or a family or financial struggle that opens your eyes to evolve and move forward. We need to show gratitude for those people and events that spark an internal shift for us to reach new heights. Through mindfulness and self awareness we realize the necessary changes in our lives always begin within us. Here are 3 smart ways to tread the steps and help you rise up to transformation.

1. Value yourself 

Self-value and Self-Worth are the primary blockers of our perceived success. If you don’t believe in your own personal power, magnetism, and value as a human being then this will affect how others perceive you and treat you. You set your own benchmark for how others treat you according to how you see yourself. It is only through uncovering the deep layers within us that we can reinvent ourselves by telling ourselves that we ARE worthy. The fact is, we are worthy, you are valued. It’s all up to you to feel that worth every day.

2. Don’t believe everything you think

Our mind is a powerful tool. It will either help or hinder us according to the strength of our thoughts. We all have an ego, the part of our mind that emits either consciously or sub consciously to keep us safe and protected, and often fearful. We cannot kill our ego but we can work with it by understanding its purpose and presence. Our ego is just the other side of who we are and we cease to exist without it. Familiarity (where our ego likes to keep us) often breeds contempt, so we must filter through our thought processes with clarity and compassion by choosing what we want to believe. Your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world, and your beliefs define your reality so when you take time to develop a mental strategy that uplifts you, a personal transformation in some way, shape or form is inspired.

3. Find yourself in solitude 

We all thrive in the right places and when we’re around the right people, but we also need quiet time. Through having time alone we can gain deep knowledge and strength that helps to move us closer to the truth of who we are. Our wisdom and individual energy is something that we often keep veiled and hidden because we do not fully trust it or it is diluted by the environment around us. When you spend time in your own space you learn how to trust yourself and your own intuition. You get comfortable with ‘you’ and discover that the measure of who you are is not dependant on anyone or anything else- just you.

Any transformation is a profound process that requires a valiant step into the unknown to a new beginning. Like the phoenix that rises from its own ashes stronger, smarter, and wiser than before. We can only embrace the new by shedding what no longer serves us. This will help establish growth, dynamism and inner harmony.

“The phoenix hope can wing her way through desert skies, and still defying fortune’s spite, revive from ashes and rise” – Miguel De Cervantes

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