3 Steps to Self Sufficiency: Your Happiness is Your Call

“The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage” - Thucydides

Self sufficiency shows a resolve of independence and self support. Self sufficient people are internally fuelled and take responsibility for their own happiness. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need anyone else; we all thrive on connectivity and kinship. Essentially you strip back your reliance and dependency on other people to show you love, value, or emotional support. It is a realization that you can provide all these things for yourself. Self sufficiency is coming to a place of freedom in authenticity of your own journey and validation of it. It is living life by your rules, maybe at times adopting a ‘lone wolf’ mentality that strengthens you in that place of solitude and courageously stepping back from the pack. Here are 3 steps to self sufficiency.

1. Make your own mark

We all have a unique part to play in the bigger picture. You must stand strong with your own values and beliefs that fortify the courage you need to find your way. Conflicts very often arise around us when we clash with those we love and care for. Naturally we can become overwhelmed with a desire to please and keep others happy, but in doing so we lose ourselves in the process. We drown out our own inner voice as we take in all the chatter around us. When we tune back in through time spent alone or in meditation we encourage our own inner wisdom to shine through. It tells us that we cannot please everyone-and it only hurts when we try. When we fully accept all that we are, including all our seemingly negative traits, we can forge a way forward and be guided from within to make our own mark.

2. The keys to your happiness

The keys to your happiness should always fit snugly in your own pocket. When we attach our happiness and joy to something external from our own essential being we will always be primed for some kind of disappointment. We can only depend on ourselves for that sense of happiness and peace. Once you create it for yourself then it becomes something that you will never lose. We can often place our dreams and hopes on people to fulfill certain needs within us, expectations run so high and they are rarely ever met. Removing the weight of expectations you have for other people takes the pressure off you and them. Expectations are not the same as standards- the first is something that may sit too high to reach toward, the latter is what you know you deserve- you can drop expectations but still maintain standards.

3. Be your own best friend

“For all those who longed to find a best friend and found it in themselves”- Sandra Kring

Having a level of emotional support and people you trust around you is important, but what’s more vital is actually being able to offer it to yourself first. Show yourself the same love and affection as to whom someone you love and care for. You are worthy of your own love. When you become self sufficient in valuing yourself then you act as a beacon to other people that share that same vibration and energy. Our thoughts and emotions are powerful tools for what we attract into our lives. We can attach to people for emotional support because we feel a sense of lack or to feel complete- but we already are complete. We are whole people, never half of anything. We are built on love and forged in strength. It is inevitable that we will hit hard and painful times in our lives, yet we become strengthened in being accountable for our own pain and finding a way to light ourselves up through darker times.

Through self sufficiency you fight for your independent spirit and your rebel heart. You trust and fully believe in all the qualities that make you who you are without external validation. You create your own happiness because you understand how fragile it truly is. You find your freedom in surrendering the need to fit in by instead embracing everything that makes you stand out. Your happiness is always your call.

“The only way to deal with an un-free world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion”- Albert Camus

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