3 Steps Toward Healing a Broken Heart

“For my part, I prefer my heart to be broken. It is so lovely, dawn-kaleidoscopic within the crack.” ― D.H Lawrence

We all experience a broken heart at some stage in our lives. We cannot avoid it, deny it, or pretend that we weren't affected by it. The people that we love form part of our journey and hold many lessons for strength, compassion, forgiveness, and growth. These lessons can often come with a heavy dose of pain and grief. When a relationship ends it does not mean that the love ends, and this is the hardest part of healing to overcome. Where does all the love go when you are not able to express it or speak it as you once did? Healing is a process, an exploration of all you hold within. Through bravery you step back into the pain and sadness so you can transform it so you can move on. Here are 3 courageous steps toward healing a broken heart to help you.

1. Acceptance

We cannot act or resolve anything that we cannot accept. Sometimes we deny pain and try to numb it down but it’s still there. All feelings and emotions need acknowledgement and the painful ones even more so. Pain can easily turn to anger and manifest as frustration and bitterness, hurting you more in the process. Hurtful emotions need to be accepted in order to be sifted through and coaxed into a more loving space. It takes guts and grit to face your pain, to open yourself up to darkness and despair yet through it find courage; the courage to begin to mend.

2. Look for the lesson

Through acceptance you seek understanding. You drop the rose coloured glasses, and you look for the lesson. A broken heart is sometimes what we actually need to shake us and awaken us. It hits us right to our core, knocking down our foundations. It forces us to look at ourselves through the light that shines through the cracks of pain, grief, misery and sadness. Broken hearts are an opportunity for self transformation, for committing to the important inner work that we often try to paper over because it's hard and it hurts. What does this experience of a broken heart have to teach you? How can you become a better person through it? Always look for the lesson.

3. Let it go

It is never easy to let go, particularly if you still love the person whom things ended with. In order to properly move on,  you need to love yourself more. When you empower yourself, you take control of your heart, your love, and your lessons from the pain. It is truly an act of astounding bravery and strength to simply let it be. You stop fighting and trying to hold onto something that has actually released you. You can begin to find peace through surrender. Everyone is our teacher; the person that broke your heart had their place on your path. Lovingly detaching allows you to continue to focus forward and continue to heal. 

Gentle reminders for healing broken hearts

• We need all of love’s 'wrongs' to find all of love’s 'rights'

• Don't hide your heart, vulnerability is a brave strength. Let your heart break open to more love.

• Some relationships are meant to remain an unfinished symphony

• You cannot be fully open to feel the beauty of love without experiencing the beauty of pain

• Your heart always knows the way- follow it’s compass to all your life lessons. There are no wrong paths when you follow your heart 

“The moment that you feel that, just possibly, you’re walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself. That’s the moment you may be starting to get it right.” — Neil Gaiman

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