3 Techniques You Can Use to Avoid an Exercise Rut

Finding the determination, the motivation, the time and dedication to work out on a regular basis is tough. Throw a busy schedule into the mix, perhaps a family, dreams and other goals and it becomes ever harder to maintain your workout schedule.

You should be proud of yourself for squeezing in a quick workout in your day. You’re in good shape and you’ll feel good until you find yourself sinking into that same, boring workout rut. The worst parts of a rut is that you stop seeing results, you stop feeling that high at the end of a great session, and you start thinking about hitting the snooze button on your morning routine.

Follow these three easy steps to avoid an exercise rut:

1. Challenge Yourself

It’s easy to set goals for ourselves at the beginning of a journey. If your goal was to lose 10 pounds or to be able to perform 25 push-ups, you’re at a great starting place. One thing to remember when you’ve mastered your workout schedule is to continue pushing yourself, and create more extensive goals. If you aren’t sore anymore then chances are you aren’t pushing yourself. Keep pushing to stay out of your workout rut. The more intense the workout is, the greater sense of acheivement you'll feel.

2. Mix It Up!

This is probably the most important rule when it comes to avoiding the dreaded exercise rut. If you have an extensive interest in kickboxing, throw in a yoga session to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Change it up with a new class, a new running trail, or a new sparring buddy. You fall into a rut when you do the same thing over and over. Try that Zumba class or hit the trails with your mountain bike. If you run three miles around the same park try a mixture of sprints and walking instead. There is nothing more lethal than routine.

3. Let Your Body Rest

If you’re feeling worn down and losing motivation, you may need to consider giving your body a little break. Take a few days off from that grueling run every day after work. Spend the afternoon stretching while watching your favorite movie. Variety and rest are the cure to a rut. If you allow your body to rest for a few days you will soon feel that craving for physical activity that you were drawn to in the first place. Rest and rejuvenate and your next workout will be twice as rewarding.

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