3 Things to Never Give Up On

Sometimes walking away from something that isn't working is the hardest thing to do. We stick like glue to our habits, beliefs and behaviours through a blind sighted fear or anxiousness of anything new or seemingly alien to us. And yet the comfortable way of being offers us little reward because without risking something of ourselves we cut back on the power of chance and opportunity in our lives. We give up when goals and aspirations get tough to work through; we worry so much about the possibility of things falling apart if we take a risk- but guarantees do not move us forward, they only keep us stuck. Possibility exists outside the periphery of what is assured. If things fall apart then they only do so in order for you to create something fresh from the fall. Mental and emotional strength is not born from seeds of comfort; it rises through the stems of challenge and hard-won successes.

There are some things that we should give up on...perhaps our limiting beliefs, the stifling expectations of others, or the sense of lack within ourselves. By the same token, there are many things we should not give up on, and here are three.

1. Ourselves

You are your own greatest asset. We place our presence and potential in the power of other people's hands or at the door of circumstance, and yet these are the things that are always beyond our control. All we truly have is our own ability and inner tools to be guided and strengthened by. When other people fail us in some way, it chips away at us and pulls us away from the centre of our soul, but we are never defined by others actions, only by our own. We rid ourselves with confusion and pick away at our originality when we try to fit in, and yet we are born to experience grace and understanding in what sets us apart. Life often knocks us down, not because we aren't worthy or we deserve the sorrow or punishment, but in order to fuel a greater respect and reverence for ourselves. Do not betray your own heart by dimming rather than shining your light in the world.

2. Your Aspirations and Potential

We all have a dream. We all have our own visions of reaching inner bliss. This makes us powerful creators with pure potential that fires like flares and bright lights right through our spine. Enthusiasm is difficult to contain and is infectious, so when you feel those sparks toward a certain goal or vision- don't give up on it. Enthusiasm is easy to kill and very often we put the weapons of destruction in the hands of external factors. We should not give up the power to our higher hopes and dreams to people and situations that do not register their beauty or our own dynamism. Self Belief is our game changer, it's not egotistical to believe in yourself and your dreams- it's a necessity. When no one celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself.

3. The power of your voice

Your voice is your tool for speaking your heart and sharing your thoughts. We let others drown out the sound of our voice when we don't value our own. We should not be afraid to express ourselves and show our hearts. Our emotional and mental health is supported when we can share our beliefs and hopes on a mutual platform of non-judgement and acceptance. We are all uniquely created with flaws and nuances that paint a full picture of who we are and we should seek out ways to find more freedom of expression. Don't give up on your voice when you feel unheard...find a way to roar so that others that share your cause can find shelter within it.

Don't be afraid of falling down; remember that you hold the strength to get back up. Do not fear to be judged; learn to value the power of your own discernment. Do not worry for what you cannot control, realize the power you have to transform what you can. When we win a better world for ourselves it sounds a brave call that echoes to like-minded souls.

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn”- Harriet Beecher Stowe

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