3 Things You Must Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

Five years ago I got hooked on self development. One or two videos on YouTube introduced me to the idea that I could potentially change my life into what I wanted it to be. Before that moment, I was under the belief deep down that your results and success in life was unchangeable and pre-determined by what your genetics gave you. 

This spark of hope ignited the desire to be someone incredible and live a dream life that I always had hidden in my heart. 

Long story short, I have now read hundreds of books and listened to thousands of interviews and clips of successful people. 

There are some key patterns that many of them share. If you want to be successful, you may have to sacrifice a few things just like successful people have. It won't be easy. But it's not as hard or impossible as you think.

Let's get started.

1. Say Goodbye to an Inconsistent Routine

It disappoints and annoys me how people I see at the gym drift in and out. 

Sometimes, they'll show up for a day and not return for a full week. Others, will never return. Still, others will come two or three times a week and show off on social media as if they're going hard for hours every day. 

What matters is the work.

It doesn't matter what your followers or friends think. It's about whether you actually put in the work when no one is looking or there to praise you. 

Now, this is very hard to do. So what is the best motivation to stay sustainable in the long term? That brings me to the next point...

2. Say Goodbye to Doing Stuff For The Money or the Ladies

Do it for the pleasure and fun. 

If something isn't fun but needs to be done, make it fun. 

See? Not every sacrifice you make has to be horrible. I'm telling you that you can and should enjoy yourself. 

While it's inspirational to hear stories and self help gurus chant about the importance of having a "Why that makes you cry", they usually imply that the Why has to be painful. 

Your mother has to be dying from cancer and that's why you need to make the numbers as a salesperson.

You have to end world hunger so you're starting a charity.

You want to share with the world that your race is worthy and just as good as any other race.

While these are admirable reasons and while some people become successful with them, they aren't necessary. What if you don't have a parent dying from cancer?

If you look at some of the top athletes of all time or top businessman (Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates...), their main motivator was the pure joy of the work. It wasn't cancer. It wasn't some higher impact goal. It wasn't always religion. 

In my own experience, I've tried to disprove this rule with my own tests. But time and time again, I've found myself burnt out at the gym after a strong daily grind when my main motivator is to "get girls." 

Muscle takes a very, very long time to grow and it can take over a year to see different results, especially if you're no longer a newbie. Like with many other areas of life (business, career, etc.), there will be horrendously hard times and the results will not show up quickly.

Steve Jobs says that the only way to succeed is if you're passionate because any sane person would quit because it's so hard and difficult. You really need to enjoy it to persevere. 

3. Say Goodbye to Wasted Time (Netflix, Social Media, Small Talk, etc.)

Another daily occurrence that annoys me is when I see people wasting time constantly chatting about random stuff to pass the time or discussing how many episodes of a new TV show they watched -- only to then hear them complain about how tough their life is and how little time they have. 

The average person (most people you will meet) can easily salvage 4 to 6 hours of free time every day. If you write down every major activity you spend your time on right when you do it to document it, you'll discover that there are huge amounts of time you're wasting. 

This usually occurs in big chunks after you get home from work or school to when you get to sleep and smaller chunks in between work when you're talking to friends or burned out from the work. 

I took this to an extreme and documented everything I did every 10 minutes for an entire day. I did this 3 times and got a pretty clear, shocking, and disappointing lay-out of my own productivity. 

If you run into issues with burn out or realizing that you waste tons of time every day but can't help but to procrastinate, refer to point #2 on doing it for the passion. You've got to find way to do what you need to do because you enjoy it. Eventually, almost every other motivator will deteriorate. Sometimes, it will take you to upheave and pivot completely to a new career. Other times, it may just mean switching up the types of fitness exercises you do (maybe go to a CrossFit gym rather than standard commercial gym).