3 Tips to Help You Stick to your New Year's Resolutions

Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race.

The first month of the New Year has only just gone, but already many people have fallen behind on their New Years resolutions. In fact, by Valentine’s Day, 80% of New Resolutions have already failed. The reason behind this is simple. Some people never start working on the goals they set, and others just don’t stick with it. So how can you ensure you’re a part of the minority that makes it to the finish line?

1. Have a Plan

A goal without a clear plan is just a dream. If you want to make that dream a reality, it’s important to have a detailed route to help you get there, with Plan B all the way to Z, if possible. Your plan should include the end-goal you have in mind, the methods you plan to use to achieve it, and the contingencies in place should the original plan fail.

For instance, one common New Year’s goal is to exercise more. Just signing up for the gym is not a strong plan. It’s necessary to also set aside a certain time each week to go to the gym, like a Saturday morning. If you miss Saturday morning, there must be other times in the week set aside as alternatives. You may also choose to set aside a day in the week to hike, run, bike, or go climbing.

2. Track your Progress

Once the new year gets underway and obligations for our personal and professional lives set in, it’s easy to lose track of our goals. Some people are good at making a mental note. Others may need to document their progress, using anything from journals to spreadsheets, to all of the helpful tools on the Goals.com app.

Tracking your progress helps you to catch yourself when you first start to slip, before it becomes a habit. For instance, if you miss that Saturday morning workout due to exhaustion last week, and then laziness this week, by next week, you’ll likely create another excuse. If you’re tracking your progress, however, you will notice the slippery slope you’re sliding down and correct it – if you’re serious about achieving your goal.

3. Set a Desirable Reward

What’s the point of a goal if there isn’t a nice reward at the end? Sure, accomplishing a goal is already a great reward in itself. But let’s be serious, if it was enough of a reward, everyone would successfully achieve their New Years’ resolutions. Always set a desirable reward you will only allow yourself to have if you achieve that goal.

For instance, if by the middle of the year, you’ve successfully made the gym or other forms of working out a routine part of your life, why not take a trip to show off that newly sculpted beach body? Or what about a specific dress in a size you never thought you would fit into? Make it worth the effort!

While flaking out on New Years’ resolutions is unfortunately very common, by using the simple tips above, you could be one of the few people at the end of 2018, celebrating a successful year. See you at the finish line!

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