3 Ways Responsibility Inspires Change

Responsibility and accountability are both mundane and sometimes heavy words, yet nothing changes without them. We hold the power for change within our head and heart, and it is only through our own hard work that we can inspire action toward new experiences and our own personal growth. Adulthood is laden with responsibility- we cannot escape it. If we keep denouncing accountability for our actions, our life continues to slip through the gaps we did not seal with due care and attention. Accepting responsibility steps us up through life’s gears as we accustom ourselves to making the best out of every situation once we reframe it with acceptance and inspired action. There is a solution for everything once we empower ourselves to seek it out and tap into our innate creativity.

Here are 3 ways responsibility inspires change.

1. Change of perspective

It is all too easy to blame our past, other people, or our social standing for where we are in life. As long as we entertain the blame game train of thought, nothing moves forward and we paralyze ourselves from gaining any momentum. The paradigms of wrong and right, bad and good can keep us locked into thought processes that continue to hurt us. Adjusting our perspective by taking responsibility for our lives no matter what has occurred puts the power back in our hands to affect change. The circumstance is simply that- just a circumstance, it is fluid, impermanent and subject to change. Deciding how we fuel ourselves to change that circumstance is how we move past it.

In life, you can blame a lot of people and you can wallow in self-pity, or you can pick yourself up and say, 'Listen, I have to be responsible for myself.'- Howard Schultz

2. Self discipline

As boring as it sounds, we all need to have a strong sense of self discipline. If we have a particular goal or aspiration then we need to do the preparation to get ourselves there. We often lose ourselves in comparison to other people that we look up to or aspire to achieve the success of a person that inspires us, but first comes the hard work through self discipline. Are we willing to lose, fail and fall down, make many mistakes and yet still remain focused on our higher aims and objectives? Are we ready to commit to the vision we hold in our hearts of where we want to be with integrity as the platform we springboard from? We can structure a way forward when we value the journey more than the destination and the experience more than the struggle.

3. A mastered mindset

Mental strength is enhanced through building self mastery and understanding your fundamental ability to be the creator and leader of your own life. Accepting accountability promotes our leadership skills and how we govern ourselves. Do we focus on fear or faith? Do we instil limits or inspire to break them down? If we look at the world as something that punishes us then we inevitably allow external circumstance to hold us to ransom; if we look at it as something that pushes us to greatness, our entire mindset changes. When we take time to reflect on our life experience we can see where maybe we have given up our power by thinking we didn’t have any- and then take steps to reset and find a new approach.

“Leadership is a mindset that shifts from being a victim to creating results. Any one of us can demonstrate leadership in our work and within our lives”- Robin S. Sharma

Don’t allow others or harsh circumstances take the lead role in your life. Through pain, betrayal, failure, and loss is where we can shift our inner settings to something greater than what hurt or troubled us- and we do this by taking responsibility for it all.

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  • Dwayne Henderson
    Dwayne Henderson
    Love the Schultz quote. He gets a lot of flack nowadays but he's a good leader.
    May 11, 2019
  • Marta Gomez
    Marta Gomez
    This is a great article. Teaching me not to tiptoe through adulthood, haha.
    May 11, 2019