3 Ways to Inspire New Self Belief

How and what we think inspires our corresponding attitudes, emotions, and behaviors. We will all experience highs and lows triggered by circumstance or a situation. When we feel like this, we have to use believe in ourselves to propel us forward. Without self belief, we will lack the courage to progress and reach for our dreams. Self belief acts like our rocket fuel that fires us up from the inside so that we can prepare to launch. When we understand the power of our mind we can consciously manage our thoughts so that they help us rather than hinder us. Beliefs become ingrained into our psyche, setting up home in our inner space of potential. Instead of feeding our thoughts with lack, we need to feed them with love. The truth is that our potential is never limited; it is only our mind that conjures any perceived limitations.

The first step is to acknowledge how capable we are of greatness. We must liberate ourselves from every non-loving words we said to ourselves, or was ever told to us about who we are. Here are 3 ways to help inspire inner belief.

1. Search your heart for your own truth

Thoughts have the propensity to spiral out of control and move us further away from our heart-space. Our heart-space is the home of our emotional truth, a place of honesty and authenticity where we value ourselves and recognize our full potential. When we search our heart and tap back into our inner processes, it awakens that trust, commitment, and courage within us. Spending quiet time alone and doing things that you enjoy helps to bring you back to your centre of love-filled intelligence. Remember who you are without the pull or push of anything external. Time focusing on you and what makes you happy is an investment that allows you to build yourself up from within.

“Commit to what you love - that's important. Believe in yourself and try as much as possible to do everything you do from a place of love. Not labor, but love”- Michael Mando

2. What you focus on is what you get

If you believe that you can, then you will. Having self-belief doesn’t mean knowing all the answers, but trusting yourself to go out and find them. If we focus on everything gone wrong then we remain tightly knit into that failure, which creates more fear over what has already set in. If we focus on how we can elevate from anything historic, then we naturally begin to stretch out our thoughts and thinking patterns. All our power for change lies in what we do next, not what we should have done before. Clear out the clouds of self-criticism to affect the future for your benefit.

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives”- Henry David Thoreau

3. Break your own rules

Barriers are forged within our own mind, so only we can break them down. Habits are hard to break out of because we innately seek comfort in what we do and how we live. But comfortable places do not spark growth. Change is an inconvenient struggle, it’s a source of inner chaos and conflict, yet without it, nothing moves. We should not be afraid to challenge our own thinking and aspire to do the things that we feel we cannot do. It is only through breaking down that mind-wall of limitation that you can determine a new trajectory. By the same token, other people’s opinions and judgements need to be released; holding on to damaging external beliefs only hurts us more deeply. We cannot change other people, but we can make adjustments within ourselves about what we choose to believe. Filter and reflect on what you allow to enter your mind, and carry on to get what you want most in life.

“From my own experience, I want to say that you should follow your heart, and the mind will follow you. Believe in yourself, and you will create miracles” - Kailash Satyarthi

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