3 Ways To Maintain A Positive Outlook During The Fall

Fall weather can inspire a spectrum of emotions in people, ranging from ecstatic expectation to rainy-day gloom.  Less sunlight, more time spent indoors, and a less active lifestyle can all contribute towards feeling poorly come the end of winter, but there are ways that you can beat the cold and maintain a positive outlook as the days get colder and shorter.  

Here are a few ways you can maintain a positive outlook throughout the fall and winter months:

Continue Staying Active

Even if you are not regularly exercising during the summer months, getting outside and walking more often can greatly improve your mental and physical wellbeing.  Once it gets cold, though, it can be very difficult to coax yourself into braving the harsh weather for the sake of a little exercise.  But doing so can do wonders for your body that you will start to feel in the long run.   

Doing simple things like taking walks in the afternoon, taking a stroll around the office, or even participating in winter sports are a small steps you can take towards achieving your goal of a healthy fall lifestyle.  Going to the gym is also a good option.  Once the weather has turned unpleasant your options for staying active decline sharply.  Joining a local gym is a great way to keep yourself active in the cold weather.  If this part of the plan sounds good to you, the trick is to simply jump on it.  Postponing it only makes it harder.

Using the fall and winter to start formulating good exercise habits is a great idea.  Spring and summer fill your schedule with nights out, time spent with friends, and a more hectic routine in general.  The colder months are your opportunity to fit some extra activities into your daily schedule, like stopping in the gym after work.  This will also help you maintain a more positive outlook because you will be taking steps to achieving your goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Stimulate Your Mind

A huge component of keeping positive is giving your mind something to do.  You may feel under-stimulated being locked indoors all winter, so you will need to keep your mind active!  This opens up the opportunity to truly challenge your mind and enter spring thinking sharper.  While watching a TV show or a movie with a warm cup of cocoa will always be tempting, it may be best to avoid giving them all your time.  Reading is an excellent alternative.  If you are not a big reader, the fall is an excellent opportunity to take your first steps towards being a bookworm.  Finding books that you want to read, will help keep you entertained and provide you with the stimulation your mind needs and desires.

You can also try taking up some new hobbies in your life.  Whether it is picking up long lost skills from your childhood or returning to the arts you created in college, a hobby will stimulate your mind and provide you with all the entertainment you could want.  If you cannot think of any hobbies, it is quite simple to get started.  Everyone has a skill they wish they had from time to time.  Whether it be musical abilities, learning a language, building models, or RC vehicles, a short time on google is certain to bring up a few skills that intrigue you.

Staying Social

Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your mental health is to continue being social.  When you are around people who you can talk to and laugh with, your mood will increase.  Even on the days you do not feel like braving the cold, regularly meeting with friends will contribute greatly towards your wellbeing.  It will also go a long way towards benefitting your friends.  Having someone pulling them out of their house will raise their spirits in the same way it will raise your own.

So go into the fall knowing that you can approach spring ready to go.  Avoiding the glum and lethargy of the cold seasons by finding a few activities you can commit to casually, but regularly, will help keep your mind and body active.  Just a little bit of change to your schedule can result in you feeling more positive and much better about yourself.  Don’t let feeling tired or wanting to stay in put you down.  It is normal to not want to be outside in the cold.  Just try to ensure that you are not letting it keep you too lazy as well.