3 Ways to Positively Channel Your Emotions

Emotions are often misunderstood. They're often perceived as something we need to take control of, but doing so can hurt a lot more than it helps. To control these emotions implies limitations, but your emotions are limitless, no matter who you are. Emotions that are expressed positively can provide a strong foundation and fuel toward your goals, dreams, or ambitions. They're also essential for creating various levels of new relationships. When you communicate with your own emotions and get on the wavelength of the emotions of others, it will become easier to build relationships whether they be professional, friendly, or romantic. What you feel needs to be understood and appreciated. Your mental focus on a particular aim or aspiration is always served far better when your emotional energy is intertwined with the same clarity and voice. With that being said, here are 3 tips to help in channelling your emotions more positively toward a successful goal or outcome.

1. Express, don't repress

Emotions run deep and can be exposed to volatility when they are pushed back, numbed down, or unexplored. It's this fear of digging deep into that side of yourself that causes an emotional switch off or anxiety. This affects everything from achieving goals to maintaining relationships. Strive to engage in an awareness of the emotions you feel to connect with them, if you feel angry, recognize it and find a positive outlet rather than holding it in. Anger or fear is only expressed negatively if you keep allowing it to overflow and take its grip. Believe it or not, you can channel your anger positively to drive your ambitions and aspirations.

2. Respond rather than react

When you respond to someone in a challenging moment, you are in charge and directed in that response. When you react in the same circumstance, you have given up your power to because you're acting harshly and being defensive. It's important to reiterate that no one is perfect, and everyone is capable of both responding and reacting in any given situation. The challenge here is to become more aware and enlightened about what pushes your buttons so you can then focus on having a better understanding of what triggers you. To know yourself is the greatest knowledge of all, and you need to understand yourself better to manage emotions more intelligently and wisely. Balanced and directed emotional energy is a powerhouse for creation and movement forward.

3. Learn when to step back

Understanding who you are, what motivates you, drives you, angers you, or makes you fearful allows you to take a step back in stressful situations. Emotions are your deepest and most inherent connection to who you are and you need to be. Take time to step back when you need to, don’t allow yourself to get tangled up in everything negative around you. Appreciate the space that allows for that time of reflection and search for balance. Sometimes, to move forward, you need to take a step back, de-clutter, reflect, re-adjust, and find that equilibrium.

Our emotions impact how we lead our lives, so they hold great value to any progress we wish to make when reaching our goals. The key is to always make an effort to recognize the magnitude of emotions that we can all feel at any given time. Once you are more open to acknowledging feelings, it leads to a greater awareness of their strength and of how much they can actually help you to succeed and achieve. Every seemingly negative emotion can be transmuted to a light force for positivity and progression, utilise it!

Find your drive through anger, your courage through confusion, and your passion through pain. Managing and channelling your emotions rather than attempting to ‘control’ them 

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