3 Ways to use Pain as Fuel

Pain is the great instigator for change and transformation. It acts as a catalyst and can trigger something within you that drives you forward to new experiences. It is one of life’s motivating and propelling mechanisms. So when you are going through times of pain, whatever the cause of it may be, seek ways to use that energy positively. Absorb the lesson that was intended for you through experience and transform it into something inspiring and fearless, allow it to regenerate and amplify you. The fact is we need pain to sometimes push us forward and release ourselves from what keeps us stagnant and comfortable. Through pain we can utilize and courage. Here are 3 ways to use pain as fuel.

1. Do what you always wanted to do

Who said it could not be done? Do you have a dream or a goal that you keep putting to the side? Take charge of your desires, use the energy and imprint of painful circumstances to help you move closer to creating something that you have always wanted. Energy is mutable and it will go where you want it go; utilize every resource you have to intelligently work through and sift through what does not serve you, to something that does. You can choose to defensively react to pain or wisely respond to it. Respond to sad times by transmuting them into something positive for you! The emotional energy and signature of pain can fuel and creatively inspire your passions.

2. Shine brighter

We’re afraid of negative experiences when we can learn so much from them. We need the tough times to allow our true light and sheer force of inner strength, compassion and wisdom to blaze through. Use any seemingly negative circumstance as a tool for growth and self knowledge. Do not stay stuck in the presence and propensity of pain. Spend time reflecting and mindfully seeing the best of ‘you’- the struggles you rise up from become like your merits or your badge of honor. You can and will breakthrough to better times and inspire others to rise up too. Filter your emotions wisely and intuitively to allow you to flow through them and shine brightly once more. In darkness is where you find yourself and your inner resources of adaptability and strength. 

3. Transformation 

Love and pain are both inherently transformative energies. Life is all about movement and dynamism and sometimes we need pain and sadness to see things more clearly. Do you need to speak your heart more? Do you need to love and appreciate yourself more? How much do you value what you have to offer in any sphere of your life? Reflect on what the harsh lessons that you endure to teach you about becoming a stronger and better version of you. We are all a work in progress; we have the ability to adapt and transition for our greater good at any time. Pain can break us out of a comfortable cocoon or protective shell that we have outgrown and inherently motivate us.

Life is not meant to be easy. Often what matters in the end are not the actual experiences that challenged us, but how we dealt with them. Nothing is redundant; we can use everything that is placed before us as an intrinsic driver and motivator to become more conscious of our own bravery and fortitude.

“Pain nourishes courage. You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you.” Mary Tyler Moore

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