30 Simple, But Effective Ways To Motivate Yourself

Staying motivated is often a task that is easier said than done. Distractions, obligations to family and friends, and your own personal life all make staying focused on work and goals very difficult at times. Fortunately there are some simple, but highly effective ways to beat down your distractions and stay on top of your business. So whether you need motivation to get through your workday, complete a lifetime goal, or finish one of your current free-time projects, here are 30 ways for you to get motivated and get to work.

1. Envision yourself reaching your goal(s)

2. Make a to-do list and a daily schedule to help you complete each item

3. Make sure you are getting enough sleep

4. Begin an exercise regimen after work (even 30 minutes 3x/week is great!)

5. Take care of your body – make healthy food choices (it does a lot for your wellbeing)

6. Volunteer – give your free time to help others achieve their goals and it may just help you achieve yours

7. Reward yourself for your accomplishments (positive reinforcement)

8. Use your favorite motivational songs to get going – check out 13 Classic Songs To Keep You Motivated @ www.goals.com/channel/motivation

9. Prioritize your daily tasks/goals by level of time or difficulty and do these first – which tasks are you not truly committed to? Which ones do you truly wish to accomplish?

10. Always be prepared – don’t procrastinate

11. Set deadlines for each of your goals and take the necessary daily steps to achieve them

12. Remove yourself from distractions – find a quiet, productive atmosphere to work in

13. Maintain a clean workspace – be organized!

14. Ask for help – friends and family will always help you

15. View your obstacles as challenges – a positive attitude can go a long way

16. Accept failure openly, then use it to help you succeed

17. Begin each day on a positive note – do a short, enjoyable activity in the morning before work (ie cook breakfast, read a book, watch the news, ect)

18. Go for a walk or converse with coworkers/classmates on break – this will give your mind the opportunity to “reset” and making staying focused much simpler

19. Share your goals with others – you never know when inspiration will hit you

20. Figure out how to reach your goal – what steps must you take?

21. Have realistic expectations for your goals

22. Don’t compare yourself with others – we all do things differently and experience success differently

23. Ask yourself, “Is there anything else I would rather be doing?” to stay excited about what you are doing

24. Keep a journal along with your calendar to track your progress – make note of different approaches you have tried and what has worked and what has not

25. Learn from your role models – read the life stories of people that inspire you to help you on your journey

26. Present yourself professionally – help yourself get a glimpse of what your success will look like

27. Draw motivation from your successes – what did you do in order to succeed? How can you apply this to your current goals?

28. Remind yourself that nothing worth having is easy to acquire

29. Place a “You should be working” sign on the ceiling above your desk for those stretch-back-in-your-chair moments at work

30. Visit Goals.com on a daily basis for your daily dose of inspiration!