4 Easy-To-Use Self Educating Online Resources

The internet has been around for a while now, and in between all the tech support forums and cat pictures, a rapidly growing pool of educational resources exists.  These websites and content providers are changing how knowledge is disseminated throughout the world, making educational tools available to those who can’t afford formal or institutional education.  This means that anybody can get a world class education, to either help you in your scholastic endeavors or to simply learn more about a particular subject. 

Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy started out on YouTube, but has grown to be a company focused on creating resources for DIY education.  It is an excellent supplement to lectures in school, or they can stand on their own if you are looking for a more traditional educational experience.  The lessons are clear and concise, covering every topic you’d encounter at the university level.  What is most surprising is how in depth the lessons go, and how they manage to keep your attention.  With a little determination, Kahn Academy could be the only resource you need.  Plus, their goal is to keep these resources free!

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is more of an extreme calculator than anything else. Give it a math problem (any math problem!) and it will not only give you the answer, but it will show you step-by-step instructions on how to solve it.  This has helped countless students get through calculus and other difficult math courses.  Wolfram Alpha also works by acquiring new information.  It is not quite a search engine, but it might be the closest thing we have an all-knowing computer.  It can help you with most subjects, giving you not only the answer, but also an explanation of why that is the correct answer. 

The down side is this isn’t completely free.  You will need to pay to have unlimited searches.  However, if you just need to look something up a few times a day, this website is the perfect instant answer button.

Open Yale

Many prestigious universities offer lectures and course materials for free on the internet.  While it won’t actually count for any credit, you will still obtain the knowledge!  For those who are genuinely interested in Ivy League schools, but simply don’t have the grades to get in, this is the next best option.  5Similar to Kahn Academy, if you have the personal determination, there is really no limit to the amount you can pick up from this.

Code Academy

Programming is often seen as a kind of magic; its secrets hidden away behind university walls.  However, many programmers learn to write code on their own.  Inspired by their own learning curve, many individuals have been creating tools and resources to help future programmers pick up coding, practically since the first programming languages were created.  These days, the tools that are being put out are much more nuanced and directed.  This means that it is becoming more accessible than ever before for people to pick up programming.  Programming is a skill that everyone should consider learning, as our lives become more linked with technology.  It is important to understand what is going into the devices we accept so casually!  Code Academy is just one tool of many, but it is a great one and free!

Educating ourselves has never been so easy.  While many people require the pressure of your GPA and professors to keep them on track, for those who are wanting to learn on their own the resources exist!  It gives a glimpse into a future where education is more democratic, less dependent on economics, geography, and a bit of luck. We can benefit from that future now!