4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is a special days for couples all across the country, but can quickly turn into one of the most expensive date-nights of the year! Between event tickets, drinks, and dinner plans, this one night can end up costing more than two or three other dates, combined! This year, celebrate your love affordably by taking one or more of the following ideas into consideration for your festivities!

1. Cook a Fancy Multi-Course Dinner at Home

Going to a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day is a very normal way to celebrate, but between appetizers, entrées, desserts, and drinks, can turn into quite an expensive endeavor. This Valentine’s Day, woo your loved one with the same delicious courses and wine, beer, or cocktail pairings that you could find at a restaurant, but prepare them in your own home. Not only will it be more intimate and personalized than a pre-determined menu at a restaurant, but your significant other will also be all the more impressed with your cooking skills! As an added bonus, multi-course meals often have the benefit of being simpler than one large, elaborate dish! Don’t be afraid to go really basic and just steam some veggies, topped with olive oil or parmesan. For the cooking impaired, try combining a few small pre-made food items as a coursed menu—it still shows that you put the thought and effort into creating a beautiful meal. If you’re unsure about what to cook or how to do it, visit a cooking site that has simplistic recipes spelled out in easy steps, like www.tablespoon.com or www.allrecipes.com. No matter what you end up serving, the night will be lovely, and definitely cheaper than a multi-course meal at a restaurant!

2. Utilize Deal or Coupon Sites

If you do want to go out and celebrate somewhere special for the big day, try looking on deal sites like www.groupon.com or www.livingsocial.com for daily local deals at restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to find great deals at restaurants that you would have gone to anyways! The same goes for gifts: definitely check out the “Goods” section of Groupon for special daily deals on fun and unique gifts perfect for Valentine’s Day! You’ll be able to save money while still going out or finding the perfect present.

3. Do Something Different

If you really want to go out on Valentine’s Day rather than spending a quiet night in, try doing something out of the ordinary. Forget restaurants, movies, or concerts, which are often much more expensive on special holidays like Valentine’s Day. Try planning a picnic (if you’re somewhere warm), going hiking, rollerblading or ice-skating, or taking a class or lesson together. While you’ll still be spending some dough, you won’t be shelling out an unreasonable amount at a restaurant simply because of the date. Plus, you’ll have a unique memory, and maybe even a new skill to share with your significant other!

4. Celebrate on a Different Day

An easy way to avoid the crazy crowds and prices of Valentine’s Day is to simply celebrate on another day. Many restaurants and bars charge a fee just to make reservations on Valentine’s Day itself! Even going out to eat the day before or day after can be much less expensive, and holiday items such as chocolates and cards go on sale the day after the holiday. Perhaps it’s not quite as romantic, but if you’re on a budget, and especially if both you and your partner have crazy schedules, choosing another day to celebrate your love for each other can be both practical and affordable.