4 Of The World’s Most Thought Provoking Books

What makes a book intelligent and thought provoking? An inspiring book should produce an extreme feeling in it's readers, so much that it leaves them evaluating and analyzing the entirety of the message. If you are searching for a boost of literary inspiration, the four books listed below truly grabbed my attention, inspired me and provoked new, and meaningful thoughts.

By John Hersey

No other book has made me feel as sympathetic, shocked and helpless. The stories are gripping and the author writes a strong statement on how the past three generations have been impacted by the threat of nuclear war. This book is an emotional read, but it was worth every minute of my time. It enhanced my sense of value and humanity.

To Kill a Mockingbird
By Harper Lee

It is a sad truth to accept that this book was written only five decades ago. With a focus on racism in 1930s America, Lee takes the image of a mockingbird – an innocent and harmless creature – and transforms it into the character known as Tom Robinson. This character taints our picture of the world. He inspires the reader to think about what justice means. It certainly tested my resolve. This book sends a creative reminder that life is not always fair and it will motivate you to stand up for what you believe is right.

The Message (The Bible)
By Eugene Peterson

Although controversial, this book has been translated into 531 languages and is certainly worth mentioning in an article about thought-provoking literature. This book has had a major impact on the human justice system. The majority of European and Western laws in the past two thousand years have been based on the moral compass of the Bible. It is actually a compilation of books with a storyline that begins at the start of mankind, and the themes range from conflict to philosophy. Regardless of what you believe in, this book will challenge your morals and your way of thinking.

What Money Can't Buy
By Michael Sandel

This is a book that will make you reflect on your own life. It offers a deep study on society’s standards, from money, to art, to family. This book delivers facts, strong opinions and left me challenging myself and asking stirring questions about society and my own view of the world.

What are the most thought provoking and inspiring books that you would recommend? Comment Below!