4 Simple Ways to Become More Visible To Employers

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Are you looking for a new job but dreading applying to positions fearing that you might not get a response back from the company? Unfortunately, a large number of job applicants fall into the “Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Black Hole” and never hear back from the company except for receiving a “thanks but no thanks” email. Don't lose hope, sometimes all it takes to get noticed is a little bit of effort. Here are 4 simple ways that you can do to help increase your visibility and not fall into the infamous ATS Black Hole.          

Get in touch with hiring managers

Do you have any family members, friends, or college alumni that work for the company you are interested in?  If you are comfortable, ask them to recommend you to the Hiring Manager or Recruiter working on the role.  Companies love referrals and some of their best hires come from referrals. Companies sometimes have a referral bonus program that gives incentives to their employees for a successful hire.  

Join professional network groups

Develop your professional network. Join Meetup Groups, Alumni Associations, LinkedIn, and Facebook Groups.  These are examples of resources you can use to develop your network and connect with individuals who share similar interests.

Dig a little deeper

Job postings sometimes have the recruiter or human resources representative contact information at the end of the description. Linkedin job postings allow the poster to include their profile and sometimes the hiring manager will share their open opportunity on Linkedin. Reach out to the job poster or individual sharing the opportunity on LinkedIn to introduce yourself.  It also helps to send them a direct email if they have their email address listed in the posting or on their profile.

Social Media

Have you ever utilized Twitter or Facebook to engage with a company or person to get a response about a product?  The same can be used to connect with them about a job opportunity.  One of my favorite tricks to highlight is to reach out to the company through their Twitter careers profile or Facebook careers page.  Most of the time someone in talent acquisition manages these social media outlets and might be able to assist you.  

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