4 Simple Ways To Start Saving Money This Month

Saving money can feel like a fine art that needs years of patience and practice. There are tons of tips out there, making choosing the ones that work for you difficult. Someone who has a family won't necessarily be able to follow the same guides to saving as their single friends. Cooking at home seems like a great idea, but for a busy body, it can be unrealistic.

Perfecting your art starts small. A child doesn't become Monet overnight. Stick figure works of art find their way to the refrigerator, still an accomplishment in their own right. Those little victories add up to a portfolio. If huge savings isn't easy for you, these simple tips are for everyone, and can be just the 'fridge art' to get you going in the right direction.

1. Save Receipts

If someone tells you not to spend more than you have, it seems like obvious advice right? In reality, it is not as easy as it seems. To save money, you need to know what you are spending. Sure, you can tap your phone screen to check your account, but you should have the whole story. 

Next time the barista asks you if you want your receipt, say yes. You will know what hasn't gone through yet and be able to detect unwanted activity much easier by saving these receipts.

2. Shop Twice

You are walking through the department store, looking for a last minute gift, when you stumble upon shoes you have to buy. They are on sale, too! Do you really need them? Will you actually wear them? You have lived without them up until this point, so maybe it is not the best idea.

Go home shoeless. Well, only wearing the shoes you wore to the store. You might be surprised how you feel in a day or two. If you just can't get the shoes off your mind, you can always go back. Sales usually last more than a day, and there is a chance there will be a better sale in a week or two.

3. Buy Christmas Gifts

How could spending money save you money? Right now spring and summer clothes are full price. Winter ones are marked down, as well as winter toys like sleds. Stores need to get rid of these items, so buying them now is cheaper than Black Friday sales.

Imagine getting your Christmas bonus, and having no more shopping to do. That whole check can go towards your savings, or better yet, book an early vacation to save even more next summer.

4. Regift

That ugly vase you got from your secret Santa is not something you would ever put on display. It just is not your style, more of something your mother would like. She just happens to have a birthday coming up...

Don't be ashamed to regift an item that you never used but someone else might like. They don't have to know. Those unopened toys your kids just didn't get as excited about at Christmas are long forgotten, perfect for sending to yet another party your child was invited to.


These simple tricks seem small and maybe even obvious - but if they save you money, they are worth a try.