4 Strategies for Unlocking your Highest Potential

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination”- Henry David Thoreau

We have the full capability to reach our fullest potential. The essence of unlocking your full potential is realizing the power that you have to reach it. When we give up our strength and power to external circumstances we effectively limit ourselves through our own fears and challenges, losing ourselves in the opinions of others. If you look around at successful people, they all had something to overcome; they all had a deep desire to be the best they could be, no matter what. We may not even be aware of the heights we can reach, but we must believe that we can soar without limitation and embrace the magnitude of our imagination. Your mentality and mindset needs to be in line with a ‘no limit’ way of thinking to enable a ‘no limit’ way of doing. Here are 4 strategies to help you unlock your highest potential.

1. Adjust your mindset and look for new perspectives 

Adjust the way you look at something, and how things change around you. It is all too easy to get stuck in a certain circumstance when you root yourself within it. Break out of that box and look at it with a fresh set of eyes. Your thoughts create a cycle and if they are negative in nature then this will just create more of the same; negative thinking does not move you forward. It freezes you in anxiety and fear and blocks you from new opportunities. Your mind is a powerful tool to achieving your dreams and goals, nurture your mindset with what it needs so you can make progress.

2. Set yourself crystal clear goals

Every time we set and reach a goal we gain value, knowledge, a sense of purpose and achievement. Goals offer you direction, focus, and a way to move forward past comfort zones. It is through navigating your way to achieving the smaller goals that you find your way to the bigger ones. The little things you do each day are the sum of the whole. Do one thing each day that takes you closer to a goal, no matter how small it may seem. Keep track of where you are so you can see where you are going with clarity and with purpose.

3. Believe in yourself

How will you ever reach your full potential if you don’t first believe in yourself? Many things will scrape away at your self belief, but you have the power to uncover what hinders you and use it to make you stronger. Rebel against what holds you back by realizing your unique value and talents. Self belief is like the roots of a tree which are grounded in strength. Encourage that same growth so you rise up through strong foundations. Nothing is impossible, it is only our beliefs that design and shape possibilities.

4. Go the distance 

Difficulties always have the potential to catapult you forward. If you give up at the first few hurdles then you miss out on greater potential for success and fulfilment. There is a reason for each negative occurrence, don’t get stuck in the ‘why’s, ‘should haves’ or ‘could haves’. Always place your power on what you can do and what you will accomplish. Each challenge you overcome builds courage and resilience and opens you up to more opportunities for growth and potential. Accept the difficult times for what they are; view them as stepping stones through the muddy water on a much wider and clearer path.

Remove any external blocks and consider what you dream for yourself, remember that what lies outside of you does not compare with what you have within, don’t be afraid to seek the possibilities and unlock your potential!

“They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night” - Edgar Allan Poe

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