4 Things to Look for in an Accountability Partner


Whether you're trying to pay off debt, get in shape, or meet career milestones, an accountability partner can help immensely. An accountability partner is someone you turn to when you need a little motivation. Ideally, you can motivate each other as you work to achieve your goals. You may be wondering who in your life would make the perfect accountability partner. Here are four traits to look out for.

Mutual Respect

You want your accountability partner to be someone you respect, because failing in your goals would mean disappointing that person. If you respect a person, the fear of disappointing them can be a powerful motivator. If you don't respect a person, you probably don't care so much if you disappoint them and therefore might not stick to your promises. It's important for your partner to respect you, too, so that he or she can motivate you into performing better.


An accountability partner will likely be involved in the more intimate details of your life, so you want it to be someone you trust implicitly. For instance, if you're looking to pay off debt, your chosen partner will be closely involved in your finances. That's not an area of your life where you want just anyone. Make sure that they're worthy of that great level of trust.


An ideal accountability partner is one who is equally invested in your progress. If you are married, your spouse could be the perfect person in since your spouse is always in your corner. If you're not married or you just want to choose someone else as an accountability partner, choose someone who has the same goals as you. Maybe you're both trying to get in shape. This way, you can exercise together and mutually benefit.


Even if a person you know is perfectly trustworthy, respectful, and goal oriented, they can't be a good accountability partner if you can never get a hold of them. Find someone who can meet up with you frequently or at least respond to calls or texts in a timely manner. This way, if you hit a road block, you can get help before you make a rash decision.

People who have someone to look to for advice and motivation during times of stress tend to meet their goals more efficiently. When you make sure that your accountability partner is worthy of that title, it can be a rewarding and mutually beneficial experience.