4 Unique Ways To Conquer Your Interview

Okay, so you finally got the courage to send your awesome resume off to your dream employer, they’ve contacted you back and invited you to interview for the position. Now the initial shock has worn off and reality is setting in. The day is quickly approaching and you’re nervous because you know that their opinion of you will make or break your future with this company. However, if you prepare thoroughly, all of those fears can instantly go away. Here are some ways to impress your interviewer(s) and drastically increase your chances of landing the job.

Know your skillsets

Employers have your resume, but it’s not enough to get the job. They want to meet the person that embodies your resume. But, who is that person really? It’s not the same person that Joe at the Dry Cleaners knows or Sue at the Drugstore knows. They want to meet the person who has met all of the qualifications that they required for the position. So, what does that mean for you? Research yourself. Go over your resume details. Find a way to create a blueprint that ties every listed position that you have on your resume to the position that you are applying for. This way when you’re asked questions along the lines of: “ how did your work at Company A prepare you for the kind of challenges you may face here at Company B?” you are prepared. If you can’t think of any ways that working let's say, a supermarket as a cashier, has helped you prepare for a career as a car salesman, a shoe salesman, a phlebotomist, a rocket scientist, a tech agent, anything, etc. be creative! This shows that you can think outside of the box. If all else fails, build on customer service or teamwork. That works like a charm. Every employer wants to know the following: that their future employees have excellent work ethics and customer service skills that will enable them to meet an overall goal because ultimately that's what the job entails.

Be aware of your appearance

Don’t be afraid of going the extra mile. Even if you're applying for a position scraping gum off of toilets seats, do not dress for your dream job as though you are going to Starbucks in yesterday's clothes. This is your time to shine!  Get yourself a blazer, a white button-down shirt, a tie if available, pants that fit appropriately (or a skirt that reaches the knee or just below the knee) and some shoes (no sneakers, flip flops, sandals or open toe shoes of any kind. Nothing with canvas or sporty materials) preferably in black or brown. If you're wearing pants, wear a belt that is not peeling or overly worn. Check your details: is your shirt ironed? Are your pants wrinkled? Are your shoes cleaned? Are you wearing correct under garments? Is something out that's not supposed to seen? Is your hair combed neatly? Do you smell clean? Are you reflecting the best version of yourself on the outside on this special day? These are the details  that human resource managers pick up on when they are meeting you for the first time. The employment world is a competition. They are not judging you as a person, they are judging whether you will be a good fit for their company. They are judging whether you are an accurate representation of the brand that their company has built it’s success on. This is not personal. It is important to them that they have someone that will have their company’s best interest at heart and that is the goal of the interview. *Please note: while this tip is for general employment there are companies that do not require such formal attire.  If you feel that this does not apply to you, research the company that you are applying for. 

Research the company

Wander onto the company’s webpage and look around. Check and see if they have an about page and review the company’s value and their motto/slogan/mission. Memorize it. Find out what it means to you because it is very likely that they will ask. If they don’t ask, it is important to ask yourself if you are comfortable representing their mission or core values because this is ultimately what you will be representing the entire time you are employed there. Also, while on the interview, it reflects well on you if at the end, when they ask "do you have any questions for us" if you're able to say, "yes". Employers love to see that you are knowledgeable and are interested in their company. Questions = interest. You can ask “how do you enforce-- insert motto/slogan/mission--?” If you forget that, you can always ask them how long they’ve been with the company or what they love about the company’s motto/slogan/mission.

Be Yourself

Don't try to pretend to be something that you aren’t. It will come off as pretentious and untrustworthy. Allow parts of your personality to come through in the way you conduct yourself as you normally would. Remember, even questions like “What was a time you felt that you did not handle yourself well in your current position” can be used to make you look good. Think ahead and research tough interview questions so that you can be prepared to show the best version of yourself that you can be. Smile, be polite, and be confident. No one is you, not everyone has your credentials and experience, not every applicant was asked to interview. There is a reason that this company chose to meet with you. Show them that you are worth taking a shot on. Enjoy the moment and keep on pushing towards your greatest potential.

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