4 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Earning a Job Interview

Assume that you’ve scoured the want ads and you’ve found the job or jobs that you wish to apply for. Although you meet and even exceed all of the qualifications for the job, you are concerned that you may not have the opportunity to prove your worth because you fear that you may not be granted an interview. How can you boost your chances of gaining an interview? Here are 4 sure-fire ways that can only help your chances of landing that interview.

Utilize Key Words

When applying for a job interview, it’s imperative that you pay close attention to the job description. This is because the description will hold key words that are used to describe the job. For example, if you are applying for a job as a teacher, some key words used to describe the job may include the words books, curriculum, and computers. When applying for the job, be sure to use those words when describing your talents. The intent of using key words is for employers that are scanning applications or resumes to “sweep” or search for these key words. By using words that employers use to describe the job, you are increasing the chances that employers can identify these words in your application or resume for a match and a call for an interview.

Use Resume Paper

When submitting a resume for a job, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that it stands out above all the others. This begins with the physical appearance of your resume. Instead of using plain old white computer paper, help your resume be unique by using resume paper. Resume paper looks professional and allows you the applicant to make a lasting impression on prospective employers. The resume paper is often weighted, making it heavier in feel as well. These distinctions will allow your resume to stand out and pop, which gives it a better chance of being selected.

Include Charitable and Volunteer Work in Your Resume

When completing a resume to submit for a job, many individuals choose to solely focus on their past and current experience and their education. However, many employers receive resumes with similar information all the time. To give your resume a chance to stand out once again, be sure to include any volunteer and charitable work that you may have performed. Perhaps you’ve volunteered with tutoring the local youth or maybe given some of your free time to help at church. Whatever the case may be, be sure that you document any and all charitable work that you have performed. Employers like to see that their potential employees are well-rounded and go the extra mile without being asked.

Highlight Your Achievements

Another method to be used to in order to increase your chances of gaining an interview with an employer is to highlight your achievements so that they stand out. A resume is your time to boast what you know and to really sell yourself and what better way to do that than to highlight the awards and achievements that have been bestowed upon you. Potential future employers are interested in the level of quality in your work and nothing displays that any better than highlighting your achievements in a related field which you are applying.

The next time that you are interested in applying for a job, be sure to implement these ideas to give your chances of earning an interview a kickstart.

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