4 Ways to Improve Your Time Management

One of the most common clichés around today is “there are never enough hours in the day.” This rings true for many people due to the rigors of balancing things in life such as school, work, kids, or relationships (depending on your age, one of these options may fit your situation). Since many of us are seeking more time to do more things, here are 4 ways to help improve your time management.

Write a List of Daily Goals

Upon waking up each day, many people already have an idea of what needs to be done for that day. Whether it be pick up the dry cleaning or go to the grocery store for dinner items, many individuals have a mental picture of what needs to be done for the day. In order to increase your chances of completing these goals, they should be written done for you to visually see. By seeing the list with your own eyes (instead of in your head), you are able to see progress by crossing out each goal as it is completed. This progress allows you to visually see that you are making progress, thus encouraging you to complete the rest of your written goals. Hey, why wouldn’t you want to have all of your goals crossed out? This idea will help kick start your improvement with time management by completing your goals for the day.

It’s Okay to Say No

During the course of each day and week, there are typically people, whether friends, family, or co-workers, that may repeatedly ask you for various things. When attempting to improve upon your daily time management, one must learn that it is okay to say no, particularly if the request is something that is either unimportant or is something that can put off until a later time. Take a moment to think about this: Assume that you said yes to every single request that is made of you daily, including from co-workers and bosses, friends, family members, and others. Would you have ANY time for yourself and your daily things that need to be done? Improving upon your time management is contingent upon learning exactly when it’s the right time to say no.

Prioritize your Daily Written Goals

Once you’ve written down your daily goals, it’s important to prioritize them accordingly. This means that you should be sure that the most important tasks and goals are all completed first. This is very important when it comes to goals that include work-oriented tasks. For example, if you have a work project or a school assignment due within an hour or so, then it would definitely benefit you to prioritize correctly and make that your first goal to be completed and crossed off of your list. By prioritizing your written goals, you are allowing yourself to have more time for other things in your day.

Manage Daily Interruptions

Interruptions are things that cannot be predicted or accounted for. They also come in all shapes, forms, and fashions. To improve on time management, it is imperative that you seek ways to manage interruptions throughout the day. One method that can be used to combat this is to have a “bail out” plan. Although this plan may not be universal for every situation, the goal is to have some sort of fall back for interruptions that may occur. To give an example, if you receive news that you have to pick up the kids tonight from practice, perhaps have a backup (if at all possible) to have their father, grandparent, or other close relative or friend pick them up. While this may not be suitable for all, it’s an example of how individuals should work to have a plan for interruptions that may occur.

By implementing these methods, you can look to improve upon your time management skills and give yourself more time for things that you enjoy.

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