4 Ways You Can Help Improve Your Community

So you’ve decided that you want to take a step out and fill a gap you see in your community? It might seem like a daunting task for one person, but it’s definitely doable. You can get some traction and get your community on the right path, getting others involved and improving your neighborhood in a positive way. Here are a few ideas to help guide your first steps.

Get Out There

The biggest thing is getting out into the real world and simply starting. If you think that not enough people are getting clothes and food to the homeless, than figure out how you can start doing this. If you believe your community needs to do more to help the environment, determine where you can start and get out there.

You will probably have to start small, but actually starting is going to be the single most helpful thing you can do to help achieve your goal when it comes to getting your community involved in some effort. Plenty of people are capable of talking about problems, but others are more likely to rally to you if they can see that you have already been putting in the time. This expresses a genuine concern for the issue, and will make people more willing to listen to your calls to action.

Approaching Other Groups

Eventually, you will probably want some more help, but it can be difficult to get other established groups to join in. It’s easy to think that people will simply flock to the best idea, or the most passionate individual. Unfortunately, these kinds of initiatives are fraught with politics. So how do you avoid the drama and get other groups on board?

The biggest thing is remaining humble. They are likely just as passionate as you are, but might have different priorities. When your approach other groups, go to them expressing a desire to help them. You have a mission, you have some resources, and you want to put in the time to help them achieve a particular mission of their own. More than likely, you will be able to find places that overlap between your group’s goals and another group’s.

Hosting an Event

Putting together small events is an excellent way to grow awareness both for your group and the issue at hand. For a relatively small investment, you can find a public space to put on your event, find a local band to add sense of festivity, and offer some nice snacks! It might seem a bit preachy at times, but people are fairly familiar and comfortable with the idea that this is how groups build relationships with communities.

Don’t rely on Facebook and chance for people to find your event, either. Putting up fliers is still one of the best ways to get people to come to events. The more fliers you hand out, the more people will come. To add a little extra incentive, giving away prizes at the event can help bring a few more people. Keep in mind, people appreciate a genuine effort at the end of the day.

Making this Goal A Part of Your Community

With any luck, you’ll get some traction and people will join you in your cause. Do not be afraid to approach higher ups in your community, like big businesses and your local government. If you come to them humbly, they are often looking to help encourage community service.

There is a lot of support for individuals with a true desire to improve their communities. It isn’t easy work, and that support is gated somewhat behind a need for proof that you mean what you say. However, if you stay true to goals and don’t let setbacks stop you completely, you’ll be able to improve your community and see the changes you were looking for.