5 Environmental Organizations You Can Work For Today!

It seems like everywhere you look there are new ‘go-green’ products for you to start using, pamphlets containing information on helping you reduce your carbon footprint and energy use, and news reports regarding some new environmental law or study that has just been published. With everything happening so fast and all around the world, it can be hard to keep track of what’s going on, and also to find new ways to put your efforts towards helping the environment. There are, however, a number of organizations out there that you can volunteer for, or even apply for employment with, that focus specifically on resolving environmental issues and helping to keep the Earth clean. Here are five such organizations for you to check out.

1. The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is active in most every state in the U.S. and works to preserve natural communities, and plant and animal life by protecting the lands and water systems from pollution and human interference. There are various protection strategies that have been implemented in every state. Some of the more successful programs involve the purchase of land for conservation purposes, community events and activities, and collaborative efforts with like-minded organizations that can help Nature Conservancy accomplish its goal of protection and conservation. You can find more information regarding Nature Conservancy’s locations and activities at http://www.nature.org/

2. World Environment Center

The WEC is a worldwide-based non-profit that advocates for sustainable development using business policies enacted by their partner companies, local governments, and other non-profit and environmental organizations. They recruit companies that are leading the industry in “sustainable-development implementation” and work with them to create strategies for both business, societal, and environmental advancement. WEC also prides itself on itself on connecting people and companies from around the world that can unite for a common purpose. You can check out additional information at http://www.wec.org/.

3. Citizens Campaign Fund for the Environment

Founded in 1989, the CCFE is a non-profit organization that conducts scientific research for supporting government environmental laws and practices to promote both environmental safety and education to the general public. CCFE is the research affiliate of their partner non-profit organization Citizens Campaign for the Environment. You can find information on volunteering and other campaigns run by both organizations at their websites: http://www.citizenscampaign.org/ and http://www.citizenscampaign.org/ccfe/.

4. Global Resource Action Center for the Environment

GRACE is another non-profit founded in 1996 and headquartered in New York City. Their specific aim is to create links between environmental researchers, policy makers (politicians), and their local communities to find solutions that will protect the environment for the future. They conduct various programs for food, water, and energy programs, such as the Sustainable Table project, and also provide educational information regarding their services and the environment on their blog. For more details, visit http://www.gracelinks.org/.

5. Environment for the Americas

Working out of Boulder, CO, the EFTA focuses specifically on the study of bird conservation. The organization provides educational materials to schools and local communities and participates in festivals, events, and programs that are designed to educate people on the importance of preserving the environment for all species. For more information, and to find out how to lend a hand, visit http://www.birdday.org/. You can also follow their blog at http://www.avesblog.com/.


*For more information on volunteer organizations you can put some of your time and effort towards this New Year, visit https://www.volunteermatch.org/.