5 Foods/Beverages to Help Curb Your Sweet Tooth


Cookies, cakes, candies, and sweets. It almost seems like we can't live life without them! One of life’s most indulging pleasures is the temptation that presents itself in the form of sweets. However, in today’s health-conscious atmosphere, many individuals are trying to find ways to stave off this craving in the name of a healthier lifestyle (and a smaller waist size). But just how can this be done? Here are 5 foods or beverages which can be either consumed or altered in the name of helping to curb your sweet tooth while still enjoying the taste of sweets.

Eating dark chocolate

Chocolate may very well be the most indulgent of all the sweets. Chocolate comes in many forms, such as candy, candy bars, cookies, and even chocolate cake. However, there is a form of chocolate that is much healthier than others and it is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate may not have the exact sweetness of typical milk chocolate due to lacking the added sugar and fat content. But, dark chocolate DOES have an abundance of antioxidants, which is great for health. Dark chocolate is also useful for helping to lower blood pressure.

Fruit, fruit, and more fruit

Fruits are a natural source of sugar, which make them much healthier than added sugars and artificial flavors which often accompany many sweets, including various cereals. Fruits are immense in nutritional value and that value varies depending on the type of fruit that is consumed. For example, berries such as blueberries and blackberries are useful because they help to prevent cancers from occurring within the body as well as being good for the intestinal tract (especially cranberries). Other fruits, such as apples, aid in digestion as well as lowering weight, while citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C.


Yogurts can be tricky because all yogurts are not made the same. Some will have much higher sugar levels than others. However, even at its worst, yogurt can be viewed as a much better option for those with a sweet tooth as opposed to that slice or two of cake. To be on the safe side, Greek yogurt is often renowned for having a healthier (lower) sugar content than its other yogurt counterparts. Yogurt also makes a great sweet tooth alternative because it can be customized by adding granola bits, nuts, or even actual fruit!

Low-fat Chocolate Milk

Sodas are a passion and a must for many people. These sodas come with a rather high sugar content. Even the diet sodas can have a significant amount of sugar involved. To help curb the sweet desire for a beverage, try drinking low-fat chocolate milk. Besides being a healthier option than a traditional soda or fruit juice, chocolate milk is actually great-tasting. Studies have also shown that chocolate milk makes a great option for post-workout recovery. So the next time that you’ve had a hard day’s work in the gym or on the track, grab a glass of low-fat chocolate milk instead of a sports drink (which may also be packed with sugars).

Peanut Butter and Jelly

What better way to beat the high-sugar blues than with a traditional favorite from your childhood: peanut butter and jelly. In the Food Guide Pyramid, peanut butter is categorized with the meats and beans section. (See here)

Peanut butter is packed with proteins, which are vital to the healthy growth of muscles, teeth, hair, and skin. As for the jelly, one must be careful as all jellies are once again not created equal. It’s important to choose jellies that are lower in sugar or even sugar free. The great thing is that it still tastes great (and not like a diet soda, which can taste….well, bland). Jellies from all natural fruit can also contain fiber, which is an important nutrient as well.

By implementing these 5 things, one can be sure to help keep away that ever alluring sweet tooth.

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