5 Habits To Drop So You Can Live Happier

Everyone always talks about habits or hobbies you can pick up that will help make you a happier person, but when was the last time anyone ever told you to stop doing something in order to be happy? Sure, exercising, reading, and a more involved social life can do wonders, but what about those habits that make life a drag without you even realizing it? I'm not talking about habits like smoking or eating fast food (which, by the way, you should give up), but rather smaller habits that you might not even consider when thinking about your habits. Your attitude and outlook on life is a big part of what makes you happy. With that said, check out this list of five habits that you should stop doing in order to be much happier with your life. 

1. Comparing yourself with others. 

Giving up on comparing yourself with others is the number one way to lead a happier lifestyle. The main problem with comparing your experience with others is that you pretty much assume everything about that other person's life is glamorous. In reality, you don't know what they go home to, or what they are dealing with in their personal and professional life; how much debt they have, how much money they make, how well they do on the dating scene, or how set up for success they might be. The truth is thinking about such things is an utter waste of time. You've seen the Facebook meme: Here's hoping your life is as glamorous as you make it out to be on Facebook! It's true. So stop worrying about what other people think, and start doing what makes sense for you. 

2. Being afraid of failure. 

Fear of being a failure is one of the biggest obstacles holding people back from achieving their goals, and frankly it's what keeps the corporations in charge. We have this "set-up" imposed on us from birth: go to school, get a good job, get married, have a family, ect. ect. Far too often do we give up on pursuing careers or experiences we would really love to have because we are afraid of the consequences after the fact. The truth is, failure is a matter of perspective: is the person who failed at achieving their dream really a failure for trying, or is the person who was too afraid to even try the real failure? Something to think about. 

3. Regretting your past. 

What's done is done. That's ultimately what you need to remember in order to be happier. When we reflect on the past, we inevitably think of things we may have done or have not done that would have affected the outcome of past memories or you current situation in life. This exercise can have both postive and negative results: postivie because we can learn from our experiences and be better prepared going forward, negative because feelings of regret are detrimental to our inner happiness. Learn from the past, but do not focus on, or continue to live in the past.

4. Trying to change people.

People are who they are, and there is really no changing that. Trying to mold someone into what you consider to be the perfect version of themselves is not only futile, but also selfish. Ask yourself, how likely are you to change some aspect of your life, like how you think about things, how you dress, how you talk, your political position and religious beliefs? Stop wasting time and energy on trying to change people, and don't hold grudges against those you disagree with, or who may have wronged you. At the end of the day it does nothing to help you and everything to hold you back.  

5. Expecting things to be handed to you. 

Sitting around and waiting for life to happen will not make you a happy individual because life doesn't just happen. You have to make life happen. Honestly, when was the last time someone just walked up to you and offered you a million dollars? Do you think your dream job is going to just walk up and offer itself to you? Unfortunately, it won't. You'll have to do something in order to find it, but once you find it your experience will become that much more rewarding. Don't go out there trying to please others, just go out there and do something that makes sense for you.