5 Important Tips for Living Authentically

To live authentically means reaching truth and harmony with who you are. The most authentic ‘you’ is your higher self beyond other people’s thoughts, doubts or expectations. Living your truth means being accountable for your own actions, ingenuity and uniqueness. When you are in tune to all that you truly are you place yourself in line with your own values, hopes and wishes and your visions for yourself aligned with your highest intention. So here are 5 reminders to living more authentically!

1. Speak your truth

Don’t be afraid to speak your own truth even if it’s against the belief or signature of someone else’s. Sometimes we dilute ourselves at the hands of someone else’s perception of us, be it family, friends, or colleagues. We are not here to be validated by anyone, we only need to validate ourselves with true conviction and integrity in the person that we are. Value the sound of your own voice and what it says, this will generate greater respect than simply following the crowd or not allowing your voice to be heard.

2. Follow your heart

Following your heart means being guided from a deep place inside, it is the most intuitive place within you. Trust your instincts and do what you feel is right for you. We are emotional beings yet sometimes we shut down the more emotive parts of our personality, but this is where you discover your inner magic. Intuition is the highest form of intelligence; take a step back from any mental disharmony or clouds of judgement and be more attentive to the voice within. Trust your gut.

3. Don’t compare yourself to anyone

Comparing yourself to anyone else for any reason promotes a feeling of inferiority. Feeling like you are not enough can negatively impact your self worth. We all have our own life path, looks, and dynamic force of energy. Embrace everything that sets you apart and is uniquely ‘you’. Love yourself through all your faults and failures; we are all imperfectly perfect in our own way. Build up your self esteem by focusing on your gifts that are distinctly true and authentic to you. Believe in your strength.

4. Accept yourself

Accepting yourself is something that you develop and continue to work on until you feel happy in your own skin. It means being content in just being you, no matter what other people may think. Self knowledge opens the door to self acceptance, a place where you know who you are and what you stand for. You become familiar with all the darker sides of your personality, as well as all the brighter sides of it. Everything exists in polarity, so learn to appreciate and lovingly accept yourself as the whole package. An acceptance of self allows for the same acceptance of others.

5. Take full responsibility for you

When you take responsibility for your life and where you are in terms of your goals or aspirations, you empower yourself to continue that forward momentum. The blame game is a cycle that will leave you short changed and stuck looking back at the rear view mirror. Only you can maneuver yourself to where you want be. This means taking the reins no matter what challenges you face. Authenticity is found in maturity and strength to continually shift your progress, and by extension empowering and encouraging others to follow their own path too.

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
― Steve Jobs

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