5 Motivational Quotes From Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez may just be the most inspiring and relentless human being of our generation. Born with an extremely rare disease that prevents her body from properly storing fat, Lizzie was labeled the World’s Ugliest Woman by an unknown person who uploaded a video of her on YouTube when she was 17 years old.

After enduring a storm of negative comments, Lizzie decided not to let negativity and blatant cruelty keep her down. She has since become an inspiring voice against bullying in schools and an inspiration to millions of people in the United States and around the world. Here are five motivational quotes from Lizzie Velasquez to help you lead a happy and successful life:

1. “You don’t have to look like a supermodel or a movie star to be happy or successful or whatever you want to be!”

Lizzie Velasquez has become living proof that success and happiness do not necessarily come with vanity. True happiness can be found in everyone if you can turn a negative experience into a positive one and learn to believe in yourself. There will always be obstacles for you to overcome along your path to achieving your goals: people who want to see you fail, or a skill you have not yet developed, or a fear that you have yet to overcome.

Whatever the case may be your success is not dependent on what you look like. If you carry yourself with a sense of pride, confidence, and determination, there is no telling what you can do with your life. Don’t let material things or social stigmas stand in the way of you achieving your dreams.

2. “No matter where you're at, no matter who you're around, always stay true to who you are. Don't ever change who you are to try to be popular or make friends. Stay true to who you are, be proud of who you are.”

All of us feel pressured to fit in with the crowd and to be a ‘normal’ person. We act differently around different people and we pretend, at times, to be something we’re not. But it is only in being our true selves that we gain the respect of others and the strength to achieve our goals.

Do not be afraid to express your views and beliefs and let people know who you are as an individual. Your identity is not defined by your outward appearance, but rather by your actions and ambitions. Never change who you are, because if you do, whose goals are you really working on accomplishing?

3. “I think the best advice I've ever given is to not ever give up.”

The path to achieving our goals and dreams can be long and draining. Unexpected hindrances and challenging obstacles can overwhelm us to the point where we want to give up. But think of what the world would be like if we all just gave up? Lizzie Velasquez wouldn’t be a worldwide inspiration to anyone, Francis Coppola would never have finished Apocalypse Now, and Neil Armstrong might never have walked on the lunar surface.

Facing our challenges and conquering our fear of failure makes achieving our goals much more rewarding. Sure it would be very easy to just give up and go through the motions of life, but anything that is worth accomplishing is not without its share of hardship. Overcoming those hardships allows us to grow and develop in life, so that, in the end, we can look back on our failures and our success with pride knowing we never gave up on our dreams.

4. “If someone compliments me on my eye makeup, I get really excited, because I can only see out of one eye, so I'm literally putting makeup on blind.”

You have to keep this quote in context in order to draw anything from it. Lizzie Velasquez is no stranger to challenge, and less to hardship and doubt. She faces a daily onslaught of quick glances and frightened/disgusted looks, but through it all she manages to remain positive, like walking around with a force field that can shield her from the evils of the world.

Lizzie has learned to appreciate the small things in life: a sunshiny day, a compliment from a stranger, or a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter morning. These little gestures can make a load of difference in a person’s day, and can help you keep the positive attitude you need in order to accomplish your dreams.

5. “There's days where I'm like, in my mind, ‘I wish I could tell this person something!' But it's not going to accomplish anything. It's just going to be me sinking down to their level and a never-ending battle of hiding behind a computer screen.”

When the video of Lizzie was first placed on YouTube there was a barrage of comments that followed, and most were surprisingly extremely negative. Lizzie, among other things, was petitioned to kill herself, and accused of being the ‘World’s Ugliest Woman.’ It would have been justifiable for Lizzie to respond to such comments in the same demeanor of those who wrote the harsh comments, but she decided to rise above it.

By choosing to be the bigger person, Lizzie has become an icon of bravery and courage. She refused to let herself stoop to the level of those who would use a person’s physical condition for self-fulfillment. Instead, Lizzie used the opportunity to find the strength to stand up against bullying and to be an example of what you can do if you set your mind to it and don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by those that want to see you fail.

Lizzie Velasquez has faced a challenge that may very well have gotten the better of her. But she has persevered in the face of unrelenting animosity and has come out on top a successful and strong willed individual. Lizzie has refused to allow social pressures and negativity stop her from acquiring happiness and satisfaction in her life, and success and happiness are goals that you posses, then you can find it in yourself to reach those goals too.