5 Qualities of a Successful Leader in 2017

Strong leadership skills are hard to come by. The capability to fully take charge and initiate action is a profound quality to possess in not only the world of business, but also in our everyday lives. Here's a list of qualities that every leader needs to have in order to accomplish their highest goals.

1. Stay Cool, Calm & Collected

Possessing the ingenuity to keep things under control and stay calm in a stressful situation is imperative to being a successful leader. It shows signs of resilience and the ability to deal with a task in a high-pressure situation. If you show signs of weakness and frustration, your team is going to sense it, which may jeopardize your efforts. You have to be the glue that holds things together when times are at their toughest.

2. Character & Competence

To be a good leader, you need to be trustworthy, have a good head on your shoulders, and be a person of the utmost integrity. Your team has to be confident in your guidance and trust that your intentions are always going to be genuine and moral. Being honorable is extremely important to being a successful leader. Without your team’s trust, you have nothing.

3. Self-Awareness

A successful leader is self-aware and is able to pinpoint what their strengths and weaknesses are. They constantly assess what areas they'd like to improve in as well as the areas they show excellence. A strong leader knows that there's always room for improvement and strive to do progress each and every day.

4. Motivational

A successful leader knows exactly how to motivate others. They have a particular vision and they're able to inspire others to believe in it. They articulate ideas and initiate strategies to achieve a goal, and map out exactly how they plan to do so. They don't just issue commands, they lead by example. Your team wants a leader who will direct them to where they're going, explain why they're going there, and present exactly what it's going to take to get them there.

5. Communication & Listening skills

A successful leader exhibits strong communication skills but is also an exceptional listener in return. You should be able to listen just as well as you can communicate with others. Being a skilled active-listener will not only help your team trust you better but will help you uncover the road to success and what is going to be required to get you there as a unit.