5 Quotes about Greatness From Sidney Crosby

We could all learn a lot from Sidney Crosby, he’s had the spotlight on him from a very young age, and he’s exceeded the hefty expectations from Hockey pundits and fans alike and has worked his way to become arguably the best player in the world. These quotes give us some insight to how he’s paved the way to success.

  1. “I promise to play for the logo on the front, not the name on the back.”

Crosby had a team mentality from the start. He didn’t let being touted as the next Gretzky and being the number one overall pick in the draft get to his head. He knew that the city of Pittsburgh would be watching and expecting greatness, and that’s what he’s given them, as well as his home country of Canada. When Crosby laces up his skates, he does it for the fans.

      2. “I want to be the best. So whatever comes with that, I accept it.”

With the the high pedestal Crosby has been put on, he’s certainly had naysayers and heckling fans come his way with their opinions.Crosby deals with the criticism like a true superstar, he doesn’t listen to it at all. When you’re the best at what you do, people are going to try to tear you down, but if you set yourself for it, you can thrive on the criticism. Crosby channelled this energy on his way to a second Stanley Cup title and his first Conn Smythe trophy.

      3. “For every whack I’ve given, I’ve taken four or five.”

Along with criticism from people outside the sport, being the greatest might make you a few enemies down on the ice. Whether it’s someone verbally lashing out at you or sending him to the boards, Crosby knows a thing or two about people coming after him, especially because of his anointed status since day 1. When this happens, Sidney just gets better, and leaves the other guys kicking rocks.

      4. “Whether you’re trying to learn in hockey or learn in life, I’ve always tried to be observant and tried to learn more, tried to evolve. Whether it’s as a hockey player or a person, I’ve tried to do that.”

Crosby has done so well because he’s established a balance in his life trying to become a better person on and off the ice. It’s one thing to know how your responsibility as a role model to young fans out there, but it’s another thing to execute it. Crosby’s growth as a professional over the years has been outstanding, and he’s someone fans can look up to.

      5. “I am putting pressure on myself to perform to my potential”

The standard that Crosby lives up to most of all are the expectations that he sets up for himself. He works day in and day out to become the best he can be, and by doing so he’s certainly assured himself a place in the NHL Hall of Fame.

If you’re lacking that motivation, or are full of self-doubt, it’s high time that you implemented some of Crosby’s methods to success. The only person who can get in the way is you. Once you realize your potential, you’ll know that every day is a great day for hay (Thanks, Letterkenny)