5 Reasons Mark Zuckerberg Remains A Successful Entrepreneur

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg is an entrepreneur of the modern age. His development of Facebook has helped social media become a critical tool in modern business practice, for everything from marketing and advertising to promotional deals. Since Facebook was first launched, Zuckerberg has remained a relentless businessman, always looking for new endeavors to undertake and never losing site of his vision for his company.

Keeping in line with his entrepreneurial spirit, Zuckerberg’s most recent commitment comes with Microsoft’s release of their new Windows 10 software. The company will be developing, with the help of Zuckerberg, new universal apps for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram that will be available on all devices including smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. But it’s not just in his ability to land profitable business deals that makes Zuckerberg one of the most successful people in history.

Here are 5 reasons why Zuckerberg continues to be a successful entrepreneur:

1. Passion

Before Facebook was launched, websites dedicated to enhancing people’s social lives were few and far between. The concept, and even the value of ‘social media,’ was yet to be discovered, much less recognized as a powerful marketing tool.

Despite the pressure of competing with sites like MySpace and Friendster, who already had solid followings of their own, Zuckerberg’s belief in his dream and his dedication in creating it helped make Facebook the worldwide conglomerate it is known as today. 

2. Perseverance

Any company, whether it is a small business or a large corporation, has to go through its fair share of setbacks before success is finally reached. Facebook is no exception. When it was first launched, Zuckerberg was faced with a number of lawsuits from competing social media sites to regulatory mandates involving customer confidentiality.

But through it all, Zuckerberg stayed his course and never gave up on achieving his vision for Facebook. His determination and perseverance have taken him to a level of success that even he likely never expected to achieve.

3. Willing to take risks

Perhaps the key to Facebook’s enormous success was Zuckerberg’s willingness to take risks. Before he could launch Facebook, Zuckerberg needed financial backing from investors who recognized the potential in his product. Before he agreed to sign an investment deal, however, Zuckerberg virtually turned down countless offers for financial support. He ignored phone calls from potential investors and forced himself to wait for what he considered the best deal possible, and his waiting paid off.

Facebook became a publically traded company in May 2012, and today has a revenue stream of more than $12 billion.

4. Ability to implement strategy

When it was first launched, Zuckerberg and his fellow collaborators kept Facebook available to a limited audience. Membership was initially restricted to Harvard University students, eventually expanding to Columbia, Stanford, and Yale universities on account of its massive popularity among students.

Zuckerberg then began implementing a release strategy for the website as the company’s popularity grew, launching a high school version of the site after receiving additional investments and eventually making the site accessible to the general public. Zuckerberg recognized that keeping the site exclusive and building it’s following gradually would help bring investors to the site and drastically increase the net worth of the company.

5. Always looking to improve

Despite the enormous popularity Facebook experienced with students at Harvard and then other Ivy League schools, Zuckerberg was never satisfied with simply settling. He recognized the potential of Facebook to go beyond the social media site that was meant to make the world more open.

As the popularity of the site has grown, Zuckerberg and his team have continued to adapt the site to be more user friendly. Subsidiaries like Instagram and PrivateCore have also been developed by the company to further accommodate businesses utilizing the site and growing social media trends.

As Facebook continues to grow year after year, so Mark Zuckerberg continues to look for new ways to improve his creation. His passion for his product, his determination and perseverance in launching it, and his willingness to constantly adapt and improve have made him one of the wealthiest and most successful men of the twenty-first century.