5 Reasons to Crack Open A Book Today

We’re undeniably in the midst of a digital age, essentially everything is at our fingertips. While strides in technology are being used for good, there are some drawbacks as well. A journal published here in the U.S. called Computers in Human Behavior concluded last year that the use of internet and smartphones are making us think less for ourselves, and are reducing the average human attention span. It would be nearly impossible to remove every bit of technology from your life and be able to live life the same way. The good news is that we can institute better habits to stay smarter in our lives even if we’re still entirely dependent on technology. Instead of binging your new show or slicing virtual fruit for three hours, read a book, any kind of book. Preferably a one with a cover and spine and pages made of paper. Your show will be waiting for you, and there will be ample time to break your high score. If you’re not convinced, we’ll give you some reasons.

You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose

There’s no reason to avoid reading. If you decide to read, there’s no drastic change that you’re adding to your daily routine. Any adverse effects may only come after you’ve finished a book. Maybe you majored in something like architecture in college but you never put it to good use. However, after reading new literature about architecture, you’re now provided with a fresh perspective and additional knowledge on how to better go about your desired career. Or maybe, you read the work of an author that you really liked and keep reading their work. You’re doing yourself a favor by keeping your brain more active. You’re creating a good habit for yourself.

There’s a Book for Every Kind of Interest

Perhaps you don’t read because you feel as if there’s nothing that will capture your interest. You’re not into novels and you don’t want to read a biography about Teddy Roosevelt. Maybe you’re an NFL fan who grew up in the era of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Luckily for you, there’s a book about their historic rivalry with stories from both quarterbacks and the story of their relationship on and off the field. Stories that you’ve never heard before. Maybe you watch every comedy film and stand-up special there is, but you don’t read. If that’s the case, you probably know who Judd Apatow is. He wrote a book that’s filled with interviews with several comedians and comedic actors that are beyond fascinating. You can site an example of almost every sort of niche interest there is, and you can find some literature on it. Do yourself a favor and pick up whatever it is you’re passionate about.

Reading Can Help Reduce Stress

The University of Sussex in England reported that reading silently is a superior method of reducing stress. It was found even more effective than having a cup of tea or coffee or going for a walk. Only 6 minutes of silent reading a day can reduce heart rate and relax the muscles, reducing stress by 68 percent. Allotting 6 minutes to read before you go to bed would be a great way to get a better night’s sleep. Again, this could easily be put into your routine.

Reading Makes You More Empathetic

According to a report published in academic journal PLOS One, reading works of fiction can lead to an increase of empathetic skills in the reader. Researchers found that fictional stories often have real-life consequences, which elicits an emotional response for the reader. Researchers state that high empathetic skills are important because people who are more empathetic are more social, which is associated with higher performance at work, and better creativity and productivity.

Books Can Help Ease Depression

PLOS one concluded in another study that books, specifically self-help books can help reduce depression by providing CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) which is essentially the same thing that is provided if someone visited an actual therapist. Finding solace in reading to sooth an ailing mind is known as Bibliotherapy.


There you have it, hopefully now you will go out and actively seek a book that will educate and entertain you in ways that are comparable with the colorful lights you stare at and the gritty television shows you consume. Even a microscopic amount of time spent with a book can make a tremendous difference in your life. There’s nothing holding you back now. Happy reading.