5 Reasons Why the Book is Better Than the Movie

Today it is easier to find the time to watch a movie than it is to read a book; however, there are many reasons why taking the time to read is better than heading to your nearest movie theatre. I am not only referring to the distinct book smell that all bibliophiles love, but seriously when was the last time anyone ever mentioned seeing a good smelling movie?

“Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different.”- Stephen King 

More detail

Many avid readers are disappointed when they see the film adaptation of their favorite book. It is impossible to include as much detail in a 1.5 hour movie as it is in a book. This means less subplots, and information on supporting characters. Some supporting characters from a book will not be in the movie at all.

Connect with your favorite characters

Since books go into more detail, they allow you to connect more deeply with the leading characters. You have the opportunity to see the world through their eyes, and learn their point of view more deeply. The more time you spend with a character and the more you know about them, the stronger the connection.

Let your imagination run wild

Films are visual in nature. When watching a movie, you know exactly what the characters and scenery looks like in its world. Although authors provide descriptions of all of these details, it is up to your imagination to interpret them. I pictured Gollum looking way cuter in the book than he was in The Lord of the Rings movie.

A better understanding of the plot

Knowing all of the backstory leading up to a plot lets you fully understand the motive behind the character’s actions. Books are able to provide more information about the characters’ past, while movies often cover only the most important details instead of the entire picture.

Exercise your brain

Reading allows you to build your vocabulary because you are exposed to new words and see them used in the right context. Seeing them in print also helps you learn how to spell the words correctly. Reading requires focus, which improves your ability to concentrate on a given task, and also forms new connections in the brain.

Before you sit down to watch a compelling movie, check to see if it is based on a book. Reading the book first will make it more entertaining for you to watch it on the screen, and will force you to rely more on your imagination than visualizing the actors and places in the movie.

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